Friday, January 29, 2010

fEd Up WiT bLoGgie

everyone would be surprise on the topic! yeah! for the pass few months, i miss my bloggie and i would express how much i lov it! i m fed up! for wat? uploading ANY PIC! even ONE! takes more than 1hour? WT!!!! seriously get me pissed off.. suppose to post up some few post back those few days but i cant even upload any pic makes me feel so fed up! decided to delete everything and jus forget it.. hey, i try few times.. i guess it my connection problem but then again i m not having any problem on webby or skype wif friends??? no laggie also.. damn! able to play my barn buddy very smooth.. watching video was fine.. but i cant upload pic in bloggie n fb.. guess u guys know there wont be any pic for this post...

gonna tell u bout what i do lately.. most u know i m not studying in college.. doing basic arts.. is jus certificate.. well, practically i m in art school so i think they enquirer they study to have arts background so they got this 1st year on polishing out art skill..u all must think that is jus waste of time? hey, i finally open my mind that education is never waste of time.. like some people take f6 end up dont have good grades for stpm they might end up doing all over again in college n people would judge them by wasting of time! u know what! by the end of the day, r u gonna compare how successful u r?? there r millions n billions of people so successful.. so u gonna boast around u got degree n stuff?? gosh, go ask any people walking by the roadside also got degree la..

lol..might get offended.. well, dont say me! i m having fun and i do enjoy alot.. i admit i m still lost half way here and there but what i m doing now makes me feel happy..sometimes u jus dont have to own a degree.. i would wan to own my happiness degree instead!! so wat u think of that? or maybe being God's good children degree...haha..silly isnt it? i only attend 5 classes perweek and only 3 subjects this sem.. haha.. so much free time! so i took up part time job recently at starbuck.. having fun^^ went for netting class.. doing my final jazz exam this year!!!! having 2 dance class.. and badminton on my weekends! now u know my schedule is tide?? hahah..

today was my 1st day of work... not really that to talk.. at least i m not lost..i think..haha.. fun^^ interesting.. nothing much yet.. hmm..spend most of my time write recipe n learn.. thats all i think.. rushing my 3 project that i need to hand up nex week.. tiring but its challenging..hahah..thats where the time management comes in! lolx...

just bought new badminton shoes for RM200..lov it lots! haha.. use last month salary buy.. guess a gift for myself after one month of hardwork..haha.. screw up from cer n yung! they say they would buy high heels instead of some sport shoes..lolx.. did not regret buy it.. budget was 300 thou.. i buy high heels 50 i bising d n need think twice..hahah! guess i m willingly to spend more on sports.. o yeah, parents bought new car for my bro.. latest nissan! almost 2 weeks d.. was really NICE! damn! makes me feel wanna work hard and buy my own car..hehe..

thats all for now.. very tired and its late.. tomorow need to get up early settle my work thing then work start at 12.. night need to finish my homework.. sunday morning church, might drop bu UPR for sales thing, go for badminton, work n homework! wow! i m fully BOOKED! lolx... its awesome! at least i dont rot at home =P gtg.. lov ya folks.. GOD is great! pray for haiti people..

nite nite ^^

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