Friday, February 5, 2010

SmOkY JaCk

hey i m back wif some pic... lets pray it doesnt take my life time to upload.k..haha.. went to smoky jack last monday for lunch... was wondering around wif some of peeps n asking each other whats nice.. walk around college area n dont know wat to eat.. plan to go mr.pot but close down.. somehow i saw this shop name smoky jack n with their big board on promotion lunch set.. looks like some expensive shop.. i decided to go n ask n have a look on the menu.. well, the waiter said the lunch set is 15.80 perperson n 50% for 2nd person.. so we head it.. since is 8 of us.. we decided to pair up eventually 1 person need to pay RM14 include tax n stuff.. yeah.. its cheap thou.. nice food too.. the best part! the place.. kinder dark but yeah its something different.. looks cool..

guys looking at the menu.. we kinder separated.. one side girls n one side guys.. table also HALF!

pic of them.. from left u lin,darren,wayn n jason

girls.. from left.. me,sue,ling n amanda..

they jus cant stop playing those game! lolx..

darren pan cool!!! =P

its me! cant stop taking pic..lolx..wayn complain his camera glass break d..

its me n sue... closest friend in my class.. oldest in my class too.. guess how old..

another pic of me n her..=)

yet still act like KID! ishhhh

me n jason.. dont know how i go n take pic wif him! lolx..

FOOD! sorry.. no name! i dont even remember any..jus LOOK AT THE PIC =P

group pic.. i dont know how i end up sitting on the floor.. i think SUE push me! ishhh...lolx.. but i still like it...

thats all..thank GOD i only use 10min upload all my pic! haha.. hopefully nex time n future it will be that smooth.. dont wanna get fed up again.. o yeah! that day.. was late for our class.. 20min late! mr.melvin was pissed somehow he get back his mood n start to talk to us..lolx

that day after my class.. then went to work.. during midnight had a real bad stomache n feel like wormmitting.. whole night! did not had a good rest..morning msg my friend told her cant come class..then go clinic.. told doc i might have food posoining n my tummy hurts alot..doc check n agreed wif me on something in my tummy..gave me medicine which hope to bring everything out n recover.. if not might wanna go futher check up.. slept 24/7 til wed morning! lolx.. went out get my things done n do my assigment around 9pm!!!!! do til the nex day 8am!!! lolx.. seriously thank GOD..he gave me strength to keep me going cos i m gonna giv up n forget it..dont wan go school tomorow n giv reasons.. somehow i m not sleepy eventhou i m fever n i just continue on wat i m doing.. the nex day.. saw some of my friend half way done n after class when they get it done.. teacher rejected.. after 4weeks of HARD WORK u imagine lecturer dont even wanna see it.. i m glad i made it.. yeah.. feel sorry for my friends...

hey,chinese new year is coming which means HOLIDAY!!! lolx.. gosh! i got WORK! argh!!! benson is back in m'sia n proberly i m the CLOSEST friend he keep in touch in m'sia n i got no time for him! damn! yung is coming back to penang too.. will have having party at ting house on 18!!! lolx.. o yeah sa's mom purposely bought big whole packet of keropok lekor for me! sa was like asking her mom why she buy so much n her mom jus say for sook koon! LOLX!!! kinder very SURPRISE! hahahaha.. isnt that awesome! hahah... i wont be getting my thriper paid thou.. cos no place d.. previous time manager ask who wanna work somehow no one answer n now full d.. i told him i can WORK! argh! dammitttt.... o yeah will be having spring cleaning coming wed night..which means i need to skip my jazz class! argh!!!! and gonna had steamboat or bbq! wow!.. i m looking forward on those..hahah.. thats all for now...

its late d.. gtg bed.. tomorow work at 12 n dance at 6.30.. hmm.. tired! sun FREEE no work! =P will go for badminton.. n do my homework.. lolx.. lov u peeps..

happy chinese new year!!
ANG POW!!!!!! =P

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