Saturday, February 27, 2010

LaSt ChRiStMas In TaO AuTo CiTy

More pictures uploaded! Dinner at tao auto city with yung and cik.fuz during christmas...

Pictures UPLOADED....

LEO charity concert..

not yet even start.. dont have time to watch =(

me n yung yung..lov this pic..

starbuck auto city ^^

o.O tao.. we r back every christmas..lolx


lolx.. got no idea wat we wana do wif the board.


cik.fuz say this is funny..haha

me and yung waiting to makan..


christmas.. those were the selfservice area..

fuz n yung..

last pic of all.. with our best service waitress jumin.. she is jus 15years old..

coming up nex post.. VERY SOON!....


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