Thursday, February 11, 2010

SuE n IvY bDay

Happy belated birthday to sue n ivy! i tried to update this post using my phone but somehow i got this technical problem on using it so eventually did not able to post up..sorry for the delay! last monday was my friends sue n ivy birthday.. celebrate for them in class.. called benjamin to buy the cake during breakfast break.. actually celebrate for sue only but somehow ivy follow us back to our class.. the problem is the cake got only one name n ben jus destroy the name!

thank God its not obvious in fact no one notice it not until i tell them.. haha.. so eventually celebrate for both of them! hahah.. hmm.. i more close to sue eventhou i know ivy.. could not bring her around on her birthday cos was working at night.. replace for her on wednesday! bring her go kai kai in prangin.. bought few things.. looks like i spend alot! damn! since sunday i already went for shopping.. realize i spend more than 500 d jus for SHOP! ang pow money also not that much to cover.. hahah..check out the pic...

sue n ivy make wish...

blowing the candle..haha.. yeah! realize jus one candle?? lolx

the cake kinder hard to cut..

happy birthday sue n ivy!

its me and sue..ivy went back to her class d..lolx

hmm...thats all.. went out wif sasa,ting,cer n ching last sunday for shopping.. shop whole day then go makan then shop again.. had lots of fun! especially the part we r in the car.. too bad yung is not there wif us! miss one out! dont worry.. i m looking forward on thursday steamboat! gonna be 6 of us! awesome! thank GOD someone is willingly to change the schedule for me if not i will be working!!!! ARGH!!!! workkkkkkk...sien nya! hahah

got spring cleaning and meeting last wednesday! kinder fun! not much work.. jus abit here and there.. then had little party... lots of food but few numbers of us only.. hmmm!!! had lots of fun! manager bought the nan for us.. guess where we pour our curry?? in the plastic cup! haha.. kinder funny thou.. today meet benson! he jus came back from Ireland.. hang out wif him after work...

schedule kinder tide.. trying to find more time for my rest! haha.. later got class then work night.. sat work morning then dinner night.. sunday! cny n valentine! mostly will be celebrating valentine instead of cny..lolx.. will be hang out wif tony at night.. what i know now is.. nex week whole week will be working most of the nights.. can only hang out morning n afternoon.. looking forward to go out wif yung, benson, tony,kenny and some friends.. damn! one day one person? haha.. will update soon la.k! best part no school!!! but the worst.. i final project for this term! term break coming soon which means exam and 1st term is finish!!! wow.. time passes real fast.. yeah.. do pray on well managing for everything! especially dance! doing my gold this year which means lots of practice and sacrifices on it.. wow! part i think i can use college hall to practice my dance! dont need worry i got no place dance..hahah.. hmm.. gtg.. its late! nite! stay tune for updates! anyway HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

had a BLAST!
ang POW alot.. lolx..
instead of me getting ang pow... saw money drop on the floor few times..haha..
God bless!

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