Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BeN lAsT dAy

Been going out with Benson for one whole week.. its crazy! serious. I dont have much time so he will come to my work place and find me.. He will waited me outside til i finished my work. Got once he told me he wanted to go to Kek lok si take picture around 3am?? i was like ohhh ok.. Dont mind drive him around since he wont be staying here for a very long time. Most of the time we will go for supper.. crazy! Eat at 2am! Yeah gain weight T__T

Last Saturday was his last day in Penang. He insisted me to go air port see him for the last time. Told him i was not free and i got dance class somehow i still go to air port just to surprise him. Too bad he saw me when i was about to scared him from his back..haha.. had a great time with him. Get to know his family. Went to Coffee Bean to have a drink. Cik. Furziah join us after that. She also wanna see benson before he go off.. o yeah! we saw WAYNE! was like OMG WAYNE hahaha.. he was about to go in.. took flight back to KL. Finished his cny holidays.. Check out the pictures..

Cik.Fuz,me and benson

cer,me and benson..i lov this pic..

huggies from benson.. took before he left.. Seriously he is crying..haha.. was like dont know what to do.. BIG hug before he left..lolx..

Anyway i found thi picture in my album.. Decided to scan for benson.. Ben,just for u! lolx.. make u remember everything! u see how small r u and how much u grow up! back in those days when we were form1. Will hang out EVERY FRIDAY for worship.. awesome! really miss those days.. lots of fun and singging.. haha..

I beg u will say OMG! lolx..

Hope u like the post.. sorry dont have much time. Gonna work in 10min.. Did try my best to update everything d... stay tune for more.. hope the next time i wont use a hammer and smach my computer if i cant upload the pictures..lolx..

Hey ben,
Its great we were able to meet up after few years not seeing each other. Althought i get to chat with you in the net but i m sure this time when u come back i remind u of so much things when ur days back in high school. Hope u had a great time in Penang. Guess will be seeing u for the next 3 years! lov u and miss u alots. Anyway take care! Send my regards to aunty. God bless.

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