Thursday, February 25, 2010

hApPy 19Th BiRtHdAy SASa ++


aww...big girl d lo.. dont be bad bad oo.. must kuai kuai study le..This year stpm d.. dont play too much yeah! haha.. so happy see u happy! lolx.. always happy n wish u find ur prince charming soon ba^^ lov u lotszzz muackkkss

hi, i m back.. YUP! today is my besties sasa birthday.. never thought we will celebrate for her.. well the plan is suppose visit jasa yesterday night 12am.. knock her house door and surprise her with cake.. too bad she told me parents dont allow her stay up so late.. need to go bed early cos got school the next day.. so plan was cancel..

somehow today went to qbm n watch movie.. i knew my gf is in qbm.. went to find her.. she bought cake and wanted to giv jasa.. wait for ching call cos ching and jasa come to work together.. after ching gave a called, we went down to jasa's shop. Surprised her with bithday cake.. she was so happy and touched.. hug everyone..lolx.. i m done with my talking.. check out the pic..

sasa's birthday cake..

sasa wif the birthday cake..

see..she so happy! officially 19..haha..old d la..

those were fake.. =P lolx

enjoying her cake..

wif her colleague...

take one... cheers!

aww....sweet^^ missing yung n ting! ishhh.. always...

pressie for sasa.. those lov stickers were extra.. make whole thing looks complicated..


feeling excited n curious!!!!

lolx..she her face! hahah...

huggies from sasa..

last pic of the day.. me,ching n sa..hehe

thats all for the day.. today slept around 6am woke up at 3pm.. lolx.. now need to finish my project and assignment.. holidays coming! ahhh! i feel it d.. will update more in future.. yung coming back nex week! looking forward bring her around..hehe.. now i feel more relief after discussing with my manager on my schedule.. which means i can be excuse from work to attend my dance class every time!!! if not i would very stress till now.. been struggling for one month on changing schedule with my friends.. hmm.. guess i dont need worry now..

o yeah.. i THINK i kinder found the solution on uploading my pictures..lolx.. once on9 upload..haha..cos where i can get good connection for AWHILE! damn! i pay my own internet so dont blame me that i get a cheap one.. T__T hehe..check out more in future.. bye lov ya