Tuesday, February 23, 2010

mY DaY oN VaLenTine n CnY

I m back with some pictures and updates. Sorry the late update. Actually i did write few post before this but i cant get any pictures upload. If you read my previous post then u will know i m having hard time uploading pictures to my blog. Guess my connection really sucks. End up update everything in my work place..hahah..

Back to my post. Would love to share bout how i spend my day during valentine and chinese new year. As u all know Valentine happens to fall on the 1st day of chinese new year. i dont get to work! argh! its tripper pay! its like RM14++ perhour n i dont get to WORK?? T__T too bad la.. i been working everyday after 1st day of cny.. which means one day off for the whole week cos everyone went back hometown..

Anyway i been hanging out with my besties,benson. He just came back from Ireland after staying there for 3 years. Yeah family moved there and he did not finish his studies in Malaysia. Well, he dont even wanna stay here thou..haha.. He told me he will be back for 2 weeks which means he will arrived penang the week of 1st cny. He called me few months back and told me when he will be coming back.. hmm.. waited his called since monday. Too bad he called me on Thursday. Make my schedule tide.. try to find my time go out with him.. He came to find me on Friday night at my work. Hang out wif him after my work. Had a great talk.

We went out during valentine (thats the only time i m free,offday).. went to find him around 5pm. Head of to Queensbay to eat. Really hungry! Went to eat TGI Friday. They had the valentine set which is like so damn expensive.. still we went in..haha.. bought secret recipe cakes too^^(he wanted to eat so much..lolx).. Had a great time together.. talking bout life, culture, what he been up too and lots more.. haha.. we do talk like long lost friend.. lolx..

After our meal, walked around.. went to starbuck to buy coffee.. told me how much he love hazelnut hot chocolate n he had every morning.. YUCK! lolx.. i jus dont like hazelnut =P haha.. then went to his house for a while.. Around 9pm went to fetch cer n crystal. Heading to auto city to meet my friend.. Never thought we will end up in clubbing.. hahah.. Guess what?? i drove all the way to auto city and i did not bring my ic n liesen.. lolx.. cant get in the club cos i dont have ic.. Benson bribe the security then ask me to follow him in.. LOLX! i m kinder addicted.. had lots of fun with them...

We were in there around 2hours or less la.. saw police car so went out.. Went to yam cha n play cards.. went home around 3 something.. Send everyone home.. reached home nearly 5? if parents r awake.. seriously they r gonna kill me.. haha..thank God i m ALIVE..lolx.. check out our pictures...

our secret recipe cakes! i lov chocolate indulgence =P

o.O nachos wif the cocktail shrimp.. i think.. dont really enjoy the dish..

hehe.. use to be my fav..

lamb.. wasnt that nice.. so hard to cut..

my desert... something mud.. i think..


its me....force to take =P

ben and me..

ben and me in starbuck..

yeah.. auto city.. u can actually see they got this bridge.. let the couples walk over.. not sure how it works but we know there were orange all over under the bridge.. guess they throw it down from up there...

my girl... its HAWT!

me and benson..

me and tony...

hmm.. guess thats all.. will update more if i can upload pic la.. argh! seriously i m so sick of uploading picture or even update my blog.. really wanna keep my blog going and update but guess i really fed up.. unless i get good connection la.. hmm.. will update another post now since i got a bit more time..hehe..bye

God Bless u!

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