Friday, December 7, 2007


lol...sorry these days i don't update much cos i got nothing to talk about and this blog is about my accident 2 days ago.. it happen near my house when i m on my way going back home from aunty's house and it was raining cats and dogs.. when i m about to reach the roundabout this car cut line so i stop and slip down from my motor..the road was very slippery and i was drag along the tar road till my helmet came off but luckily i wore long sleeve shirt and long pants with rain coat... the car drove away and dint even notice i fell!!!! ARR!!! *angry face.. but i m consider lucky cos there were no cars behind hmm..i get up and went home..
after i reach home, i start to see my hand and and leg bleeding everywhere but is just a small cut.. the worst was my leg got a huge bruise and my neck hurts alot.. i think my head knock on the floor and affect my back neck cos the next day i woke up i cant even move my head but i got better after some time..i m better now!!! i can run,play and jump!!! hahaha... anyway i just want to thanks to all my friends for the care and the prayer :)


Anonymous said...

ouch... did you wear your helmet properly or the belt snap off? well just glad that you have encountered a minor injury (except for the head!)and hope that you will recover 100% before Christmas so you can get up and jump around more!!!

Sukkie-gurl said...

errr...the helmet just came off not because of the belt..hmm luckily i m alright..anyway thanks alot and i will get better!!! hehehe..