Monday, November 16, 2009

bAcK fOr BloGgy...

hi bloggie i m back.. yeah left u q a while d..sorry! now my mood suppose to be active and hyper since i m bloggin! guess turn out to be so sleepy.. slept like 4hours only last night cos ting kacau me in the morning! she was suppose to go down KL today.. jasa was fetching her car broke down! 1st person to call.. SOOK KOON! yeah.. always rescue them!.. pandai pun!.. haha.. took around 5min to get up and ready to fetch them.. ting was rushing.. bus pulled off at 8 was 7.50 d.. atleast 15min reach there.. did not miss the bus unfortunetly left her HP in my car... was 15min late to work cos send jasa to work..damn! asst.manager was there staring at me and asking me lots of questions..

hmm.. nothing much recently.. well, been watching movie for 5 days in a row last week.. haha!.. gonna tell bit what i been up to recently.. meet up with matthew and his gang for supper at kayu! was hilarious.. i fight with elvin..haha.. great time with them.. i did remember his friends but dont remember their names.. well, at least we talk and laugh all the way like we r best friends or long lost friends..lols.. met gf coursemate..had dinner with them.. went out with my teacher for dinner,supper... met up with danny,crystal,kt and my teacher in mcd recently.. makan with my collegous (treat from company cos achieve target for last month..haha..awesome!) thats all i can think.. o yeah! sorry to all my friends that i could not make it for outing or dates la.. few weeks inside been accepting on going out with friends or any activities and realize most of it crash together.. sometimes need to ppk one or jus dont go or go both also..HAHA..

opps.. i m suppose to post bout my supervisor over here instead of craps..haha.. oh well.. plan to post this for the past 2weeks.. guess i m jus too lazy! i think i did mention bout my supervisor will be transfering to another outlet.. hmm.. his last day was end of last month.. seriously he is a very nice guy.. been guiding me on my work.. share with me bout his life.. make jokes and protecting me very well.. haha.. yeah would reward him as my best supervisor! hehe

group pic..with my supervisor..

me and my supervisor.. looks like he got lots of tayar....guess what? he DANCE! he even show me his video and all the prize he won last time.. now.. gemuk dah! haha.. hmm.. if i can find in u-tube would post up la..hehe.. i do still talk and see him all times.. jus not that close anymore..

crystal,me and danny.. jus cant get away from camera..haha.. lov it..

after so called video-ing..haha.. kt drag the most time =p lolx.. would be laughing ur ass off when u see him talk in front of video..haha.. from right kt,danny,me and crystal..hehe

2nd gift from samuel..hehe..thanks alot! will send u back something..

o yeah, would like to promote for my friends and for my ala point(alp) school bout this upcoming event! charity performance..too bad i wont be able to join them for the performance.. haha.. well, i dont go to class every week.. need to travel very far and working all times.. hard to change my schedule cos its on weekends..!! heard this is the biggest production.. need to go there and support!! my teacher is the main organizer.. very stress for him.. then again all the dancers had been putting so much effort for this event.. its gonna a very successful and wonderful event! so dont miss it! guess what.. my principal is dancing! hahah.. shuu.. so gonna be AWESOME! join me! i can get tickets for u! here's the description..

Charity Dance show 2009 is another project by Lions CLub of Penang Komtar which presented by K&T Artwork in collaboration with A La Pointe Ballet Academy, iLearn Dance Studio, DOS (Dance on Studio), 100% Dance Studio, D Vol Dance Theatre and Dance Factory Art Academy. There will be modern jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporally and traditional dances. Mr Ng Kai Beng is the producer of the event and also the choreographer for K&T Artwork.

its called Charity Dance Show!

P.S i wrote this blog yesterday night.. unfortunately i fall asleep..thank God blogspot do save everything! if not i would have not blog again.. guess i m too tired this days..haha..

another post coming up..stay tune...
God bless u!

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