Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FriEndS fRoM KL

last saturday, met my friends from KL.. they came down to penang for holidays.. actually more of like going for some fuction thing but they were here one day earlier to hang out.. met them in gurney.. luckily we regonize each other and able to get along.. bough them to some hawker food around for dinner.. bring them to few place for penang food.. actually that time i couldnt thing of anything nice food d cos its at night and at gurney area.. thank God they dint complain much bout food but jus enjoying..haha.. bring them to sunset bistro for a drink.. yeah, play some GAMES! and had beer..

hmm.. nothing much but had a great time with all of them.. had lots of fun too.. sorry kinder last min plan n i m sorta blank dont know where to bring u all.. the nex day went for swimming in the beach.. had lots of fun but unfortunately.. most of got injuries.. kinder dangerous and dirty the beach..and i bring my phone for a SWIM! argh! oh great... haha.. went to the swimming pool continue pushing each other into the pool.. haha.. had lots of fun.. after bath, went for dim sum(around lunch time d) then head off to macalister road to buy biscust.. haha.. guess thats all.. hmm.. not gonna explain lot la.. got few pic.. check out ^^

lok lok..too bad boon siew need could not join us.. he need to do report..


tony sexy post! =p

adrian felt so happy after shouting out loud!

i dont even know him.. thanks to adrian! =p u r gonna get it!

those guys try to pan cool.. =p from right boon siew, adrian and tony..

pervert guys! looking at hawt girls..hahaha.. they gonna kill me..

o yeah bout my leg.. serious injury T__T i accidentally hit the big rock when swimming at the beach.. know its pain d.. but nothing happen.. mon n tues already felt something wrong on my leg.. then wed when woke up could not even walk! was complainning pain and saw bruise at the base on my leg (toe part).. then went to find sasa.. she help me massage and ask me to put into hot water to allow my blood flow.. thurs night felt so pain.. whole night cant sleep at all.. suppose to be tired after working for 13hours! woke up around 4am crying for help.. cant stand d.. so pain.. woke mum but ask me wait til 7am.. cry til sleep.. then slept like 20min i get up d.. went to see doc..

doc say got this pus in my leg and its like deep down there.. doc say need to get rid of those only less pain T__T.. ask me sit on the bed and bend my leg towards my direction.. he spray some liquid on my leg to make it numb.. doc act q fast on making a small deep cut on my leg... squeeze all the pus out(yuck!) was screaming and crying.. doc try to talk to me and make me smile.. i remember i laugh while crying..haha.. stupid one.. doc say not everything come out yet cos its too deep.. if get worst might wanna come again to cut again.. doc was kinder rough at wrapping my wound.. somemore giv me injection T__T this is the worst pain i ever face in my life.. bad experience thou but at least i m much better now..

then again.. i need to go back for injection tomorow and sunday.. T__T got mc for 2 days..woo hoo!! leg still hurt but much much better.. serious! if not i would be crying again if i did not went to see doc.. haha.. actually i did not promise the doc i wanna go back for injection unfortunatelly when i took my medicine at the counter, heard the doc shout out so loud from his room to ask the nurse tell me come for injection tomorow.. n all the patient outside waiting were like staring at me T__T WT!!! everyone saw me face and eyes so red when come out from the room.. haha..

at last i can get a good peace rest! lol.. its late now.. gtg head to bed.. gonna see doc in few hours time.. T__T hopefully no infection or worst la.. seriously i cant stand the pain.. anyway God bless me through out the day.. went out with my gf for movie today n had dinner together.. girls talk too^^ hehe.. nite nite..

P.S not gonna show my leg =p haha... nite..

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