Friday, November 27, 2009

dEdiCatEd tO AlvIn Loh

using a knife and poke from behind --> faster say i m ur best mui mui ever!!! =p lolxxx..
dedicate this post to u since i dint hang out with u or giv u something on ur birthday.. anyway i do still hope u can read this post before you go off to bali for a long holiday.. but too bad i think i m abit late d..later in the morning u need to set off and not able to on9 to see this post..

o yeah this post is for u since i delay your present also.. sei lo.. i dont know what to write..suddenly so blank..haha.. err..lets start from beginning? lolx.. dont know how also..haha.. you remember when i 1st start chat with you, you keep saying i misuse you for knowledge and stuff..then i start to ask you lots of question.. make you sound like a talking dictionary or maybe a teacher..haha.. til now i wont admit i misuse u ever since i know u =p and i DID NOT!!! u r jus telling me so much stuff so i extra extra ask lo..haha..

i still miss the day when u r back in UK.. maybe most of the time i on9 is at the right timing.. u will be on9 and i will start bising u with lots of complain and my day.. then i will drag u time til afternoon.. sometimes i wonder if you go there to study or what?? aint u suppose to be very busy with assigment and classes?? but still got lots of time to listen my story..haha.. well, you u start work d looks so bored.. even weekends no work also u hardly talk to me.. then less one person i can bising to.. lolxx.. any way its great to know you and get close with you.. u been a very great friend to me! again i would wish you Happy 22nd Birthday kor kor!!!


since i know you do appreciate a minor afford then i might as well post this for u..haha.. sorry dont have much time to do the nice one.. was covering up when i do cos manager was around..haha.. and that one is the 3rd one i did.. 1st n 2nd much nicer but manager pass by that i need to react so fast and throw away..lolxx.. my friend standing beside me was laughing at me when manager ask what m i doing.. sorry yea! did my best d...ok la.. gtg bed.. have to wake up early tomorow.. need to wash my wound again.. sob sob T__T gonna bare the pain again.. then again i need to work morning tomorow..i start my work today after a long "holiday".. hais.. salary fly** no money d.. o yeah, lets hang out when u come back from your holiday.k? remember my souvenir! =p

God bless you through the journey and back.. enjoy your holidays!


alvin said...

salary fly consider good already. they don't sack you,should be grateful d.Life is not easy these days to find a job, i remember you kept on begging for your job.

sook koon said...

lol..i m too good d..they wont sack me d..giv lots of reasons cover myself d lo.. Haya this kind of job is evreywhere ppl want to work mah unless ppl waiting result or killing time would wan to work..yea.. Cos wan easy job stay at home..lolx.. Now once walk in ppl hire d.. I got 1yr experience le..sure ppl wan me..haha.. =p