Wednesday, December 16, 2009

oPps** bAbe soRRy thAt i LEave U!

babe refers to my BLOGGIE not u! dont perasan =p hahaha... anyway seriously sorry that i did not update for a while.. basicly no internet at home since i discharge from hospital.. all along i been using neighbour internet.. i think for a year d! yeah.. been stealing line cos they got cctv at home so its like whole place wireless.. have taste the feeling of DAYS! without net.. haha.. believe lots of people could not resist it without net at home.. for now i get use to it but hopefully i own my broadband soon la jus in case i need it in future..

hmm.. let me think where shud i start.. ok.. daily activities? nothing much.. work most of the time.. supervisor been pushing me.. work days and nights! been going out with elvin and aaron alot this days.. dont know why.. they will jus call me every night adn will ask! wassup girl!... here we go again.. haha.. but able to have some time with others.. hang out with anne for 2012 movie..! look at here.. she is crying all the way.. had a great time together.. went for shopping and makan.. we r planning to go out with rachel n kath on 21.. guess i m the only one not free.. they r doing some girls outing.. sob sob T__T imagine i cant JOIN??? lolx.. i owe U!!!

jie jie came back from KL last week.. went out shopping with her for a day! she would be accompanying me if her bf around.. lolx.. at least we r still close as usual.. bought new wallet for myself from bonia! hell! NAME ME the price! lolx... then again we go around town around to grab good food.. all hawker food of course! lolx.. she been complaining no food in KL.. haha..

yung wei came back yesterday night.. bring her to find others in gurney hawker food.. again another person complaining no good food back in KL! nothing much.. went home early.. guess nothing much for me to tell... maybe i dont feel interesting d.. sorry! well more of like i m in a rush.. i got another hour oni to get my formal letter done! cant wait til i m FREE!! serious.. i got lots of plans jus no time! thats all for now..

i will be back soon.k! promise..

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