Sunday, December 20, 2009

FaMiLy pIcX..

hey, i m back.. sorry been away from internet for a while.. yeah from my previous post i explain why d.. anyway i m back here again with some pictures..not much things up lately.. just work and hang out with yung wei since she came back.. i m resgining my work soon.. seriously cant wait i resign but then again i wanted to find a part time job.. only work on weekends or maybe weekdays night.. why is it so? well, i guess i have step in to working life (i know its not premernent and i can get better job) but its fun to keep this going and earn extra for my own.. well, in future can buy more things n go shopping..haha.. since i work i dont know how to open my mouth to ask money from parents anymore.. then suddenly ask money back? haha.. i need some time to get back how i ask money last time.. lolx..

currently what i know is i m going to resign in 1 week time.. yeah! end of this month then gonna start studying the following week.. fepands my schedule la.. hope can catch up.. but my 1st mission is to get internet! hais.. assigment and stuff need internet.. lolx.. finally realize i can actually live without internet but once in a while i need it to keep in touch..lolx.. if not i would be so... not updated.. haha! back to my topic.. family picture?? more of like friends picture..

hmm,.. we took our friends picture yesterday. My friend Jasa and Ching decided to take our photo together in future for our memory and before we were separated.. gosh! feel damn sad now.. cant believe high school life jus over SO fast! in fact its already A YEAR! *start to feel old again*... since yung wei came back so we took this apportunity to take pictures together. We had jasa, ching, ting , yung, cer and me in the pic.. why 6 of us? all the while its always been 6 of us! for i think 4 5 years. start our friendship since we join guides. base on our post and 6 of us is like the top one.. haha.. i jus dont know how to explain but i guess u all know how it feels when u r always with one gang of friends and always get together.. haha..

behind the screen..

sasa is bising on her day being a princess..lolx.. kena scold from yung teruk teruk.. =p

me and ah ting! haha..she always so yau yeng

me and yung yung.. we were complaining bout our phone camera sucks.. yeah same hp! haha..

aint she pretty?? haha..

me,ting and yung ^^

Ready... set! S.M.I.L.E.

this our very 1st shot.. aint that nice i feel.. i look so cubby! the camera person keep asking us to smile.. we smile til laugh everything out.. waste lots of time laughing ada la.. haha.. need me intro my besties? neh, ask me! haha..

me and yung looks like tai kar jie in the family.. well, guess both of the most fierce back in school days.. always shout at people.. hahah =p miss those days.. we use to be enemy and really hate each other! serious! BIG FIGHT! guess it ends with good friendship.. lolx... 1 have to surrender..

i lov this post the most.. camera person asking us to act our own character.. i lov this ALOT! best shot.. i know ting enjoy the most.. haha.. the backgouund is a love shape.. nice? hehe.. reminds me of DBSK! yeah.. they are the fan of DBSK!

our last post.. sasa plan it.. huggies! lolx.. guess this is the only pic show all of us we are one together..haha.. short one stand at the end =p hahaha..

thats all for our family pic. all of us were damn hungry! lolx.. went to qbm to makan dave deli.. wanted to watch movie but weekends seriously pack!!! hais... then went to school to help my guides on their dance.. campfire for tc2 that night too bad we wont be staying to join the fun.. anyway i dont wish to stay also.. i went for their traditional night more of like prom night this time! i tell u it SUCKS!!! thats an honest answer if u one.. i no longer feel the spirit of being a girl guides in there.. like no fun, joy and challenge anymore! skip that! dont even wanna talk bout it..

we head to auto city for dinner.. was fetching yung and cik.fuz.. did not able to see yin yee's performance cos we will be having dinner in tao.. had lots of fun over there.. hmm.. i will upload the pic when i get the pic la..haha.. guess thats all.. last pic for today...

me and yung yung on the roof top of queensbay! lov taking pic with her.. lolx.. aint she HAWT?? haha..

see ya soon..
GOD BLESS! muackkss..

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