Wednesday, November 25, 2009

hOmE sWeEt HoME

at last i m back home..hehe.. was admitted to hospital for few days..from my previous blog i did mention bout my leg very pain right..yeah, cos of my leg i was admitted for operation..hmm.. i think i end at the time i got my the nex day(sunday) went for injection in the clinic.. when the doc see my wound, she said its too serious now.. u need to go to hospital now to take everything out and its best to get it done on that day.. so the doc wrote the letter to the hospital.. asking me what hospital i wan.. at 1st i choose lam wah ee.. reach there then register, mana tahu i ask back the letter n said i wanna change other hospital..lolx..stupid one..

went home cos mom say she will send me there.. end up i m the one driving there! mom was telling me to ask the doc to allow me stay in the hospital if the doc ask so she can claim insurance *pandai pun...ishh.. was at the counter register, mom keep asking the receptionist to let me overnight there! called up the nurse to have a look at my wound.. then called up doctor.. *damn! double charge on offday..LOLxx* went in emergency room to wait for the doctor..

doc came around in 10min..was fast** must be staying nearby there..hahah.. once the doctor saw my wound, on the spot operation d.. was like stunned n asking him u serious??? he told me its kinder too late d see him.. it had infected half of my toe d.. T__T took my 10ml blood.. giv me 8injection! seriously,that injection HURTS!!! all the nurse were like holding me when the doc giv me injection..asking me not to kick doctor..haha.. actually,they wanted to put me to sleep end up doc ask me again that i can bare the pain anot..

tell him to bring it ON! lolx.. so i just lay down seeing the operation.. after 5min, i decided to sit up and see whats happening..hahah! isnt that COOL! seeing LIVE OPERATION ON URSELF?? haha..cos thats totally crazy.. saw doc cut off the skin n pull everything out.. he even showed me the pus mixture with the blood.. its so AWESOME! was not able to see how deep the hole but able to see the side how wide the doc cut of my skin.. base on my doc, he said he cut half of the skin which is like 1cm wide n 1cm dept.. proberly touch my bone d..

u jus have to experience real LIVE operation..its COOL! hahah.. took around half an hour oni.. then went for xray.. doc say thank God ur bone not infected.. he ask me to stay for at least 2 last mom wish come true.. stay in 2 person room.. that night cer n ting came visit me.. bring junk food** heheh.. then chat abit here n there.. then the nex morning 6am nurse came in giv me 3injection d.. T__T they giv actually gave me sleeping pill but dont know why i m alert when i m asleep..

monday morning went to doc's clinic to do the dressing..gosh! that hurts alot! seriously PAIN!!! T__T.. afternooon aunt and grandma drop by and buy me something.. then around 3pm cer drop by to visit me..bringing me one bag of snaks! haha.. bring her around the hospital *heritage walk..lolx.. buy junk food again.. then went back to my room and watch movie using my phone.. watch night at the museum.. kinder like having picnic in my room..well, no people mah..haha.. even use the curtains to close up then sleep on my bed.. start eating n watch movie.. at 1st the screen to small after some time both of us were like attracted by the movie.. dint even know the time and forget bout the small screen..haha.. watch til day turns night.. after she went home, no one visit me.. had another 3 injection that night..T__T

wed morning, went to wash my wound again.. cer was waiting me inside my room.. she jus slightly a min late when i went off to see doctor..haha.. after settle down n stuff, then went home and took a bath.. again plans! went to my work place to have lunch.. its like been century since i ate something.. haha.. we order 3 main course n 2slice of cake..lolx.. gila one.. people stare at us why eat so much..hahaha..

head to queensbay for a movie.. crazy huh? right after discharge from hospital.. go kai kai d.. kinder hyperactive.. even walk like normal til my gf actually forget i had operation..lolx.. i can walk,jump,run n play! so...what else?? felt that i been blessed by God.. at least i did not loose my leg or even worst.. and it heal so fast that right after my operation that night i can walk d.. u see how amazing God had done for me! then wait til u see how deep the hole i had la!.. o yeah.. my toe it grew it twice the size of my usual toe.. *disgusting thou.. its a good experience.. injection hurts more than my toe T__T in fact, i got 6injection perday... lolx.. hmm.. thats all i guess.. o yeah, i even drive around..haha.. dont worry i will take care of myself.. my doctor dint say me dont u dare to SAY ME! =p lol.x.. having appointment tomorrow to wash my wound.. been mc for the pass 1week.. boss so gonna fired me! so long dint come work..haha... here some pic... toe ITCHY!!!! wish i could jus BITE OFF! lolx...

o.O my oyeah! my doc name Mr.Goh! hahaha...

seeeeeeeee.. i got BIG TOE! doc giv it a name for it.. bangali head** hahaha..

my last meal i had.. that like the most i ate for the last day..haha..did i tell u the aunty in the kitchen likes me alot.. they will come and ask me if i wan water anot..lolx..

its my gf.. visiting me..hehe..

look at the food we ate after discharge from like giant! lolx..

last day of the pic..hehe.. behind me is my bed ^^

once i m on9.. see whats the time.. nearly 3am! thats the problem.. argh! i need to sleep early la.. bad habit.. anyway take this aportunity wishing my godbro, alvin loh happy birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOR KOR! wish u always health.. haha.. do take care yea! realize u r very weak.. work one month oni so many health problem d... anyway enjoy ur day ahead.. more of like working day?? lolx..

gtg BED!!!! got plans tomorow.. hopefully to keep things update la..hahaha.. *thank God for everything!!! God BLESS U!


Death Legion said...

That bandage leg reminds me of when i broke my leg :D

poor u, hope u get well soon...tough lil piggy

sook koon said...

haha..o yeah..i took a pic of my wound..wanna see?? I m sure u would saying eww wat a big hole on ur toe..lolxx.. But half heal d lo.. Not so deep d..

Lionheart said...

i want to see!!!!XD