Wednesday, September 10, 2008

haPpY biRtHdAy cRyStaL +.+

shoutout : CRYSTAL, you are 17th years old d!!! WELCOME to the GANG OF "XXX" LOL!!!!!! hahahaha....

sorry yesterday got no time to post.. anyway Happy B'lated Birthday,girl.. well we plan to go and eat our lunch at chikuma(japanese food in Gembira nearby our school).. but it was close when we reach there(proberly around 3.10 so we decided to go to US pizza to celebrate since is the nearest.. i was late cos i went home and get the cake.. i went to fetch jasa and ching ying along since they want to come along..

reach there then we order 2 large pizza, 2 regular pizza,drinks, 4 plates of chicken wings and mushroom soup(not sure what they really around 10 of us).. while we are waiting for food, i and danny went out and get the cake in my car when crystal went to the washroom.. we try to light the candle outside the restaurant but was not successful cos it was windy and my front part of my hair get burn!!! ARGH!!! DANNNNNNNYYY!!!! all ur fault..

well..we change our plan.. after went in the restaurant and light up the candles..when she comes back we sing birthday song for her and wish her!! lol.. then start to eat... sorry if the cake is not nice!!! here some pictures but not much..i dont know why i m having hard time to get them take picture together so i stop to take... well here are some..

she is just to happy!! MAKE UR WISH!!

birthday girl with the cake!!! *SMILE*

nice right??

cutting her u r 17 years old!!!

muahaha!! lol..nothing actually happen to HER!

everyone look at the camera!!!!! ok..they are not..thats the only pic i have..

me with the birthday dont look nice in the pic..

o yeah..forget to introduce who is crystal!!!..ok.. she is been very close to me since last year(i think) cos we usually go to recess together with Danny also..3 of us are very close friends! we hang out alot and sit together and even share drinks..LOL..

NOW!! i need to go for a hair cut! which cost me around RM18..i look sooooooooo DUMB(soh mui) in my new hair style..*sob sob.. i dont really like it but i have to bare with it.. o ok! i dont is a tinny picture of ME!!!

taaa daaaaaa!!! OK IS STUPID!!! ARGH! took it after my bible tuition..LOL


Death Legion said...

where are the rest of ur hair ?

sook koon said... away d lo..

Death Legion said...


sook koon said...

LOL!!! my hair can grow la.k!! why i wanna keep..haha