Friday, September 12, 2008

sOmeTHinG i wAnT tO sAy ^.^

today i m lated for school(as usual after my retirement as a prefect) but most of the time i come down early for recess cos i was too HUNGRY!! lol... during recess i spend most of my time sitting down on the bench beside my canteen.. i will just sit down and wondering or day dreaming(i m addicted to it).. when i started to day dream i would be very quite and smiling at my shoes(sounds weird but thats the only way for me to get peace) then my friends will come to me and hug me.. she will just ask what happen to me and if i got problems that i want to share or what.. i will just smile at her and say NO!! she will force me to say something only she is happy..haha.. cos is very rare for me to sit by the side alone..usually i will get along with any of my friends i saw and will talk alot(anything) and will go very crazy and joke ALOT!!... so is like so not me when i m sitting alone by the side..

lol..too much description.. came back home around 1pm then online.. went to tuition at 3.15pm.. worst part in my tuition!!! i bring wrong file which means i need to ask teacher for the paper then he start to mumble me this and that..bla bla blaaaa.... after tuition went to fetch Jasa and Carinn at Ting Ting house.. Jasa wanted me to fetch her home while Carinn follow me to Queensbay with keat tatt and kitt mun..

reach there..while waiting for kitt mun, we went to arcade to play some games..after he came,then we went to watch a movie(opps..i actually forget the name of the movie..ARGH! currently i got no idea..hahahahaha).. after movie then we walked around and talked alot!!!! we went to toys-r-us and find something to do.. well i m the one who is "hand itchy".. i would go around and press all the toys which got music and stuff and try to act this and that!! i beg that all of you did too!!! pictures of ME-----> :

random pictures of me with my new hair style..hehe.. ARGH! i still keep complaining i look stupid and dumb!!!the front part is too THICK..

i look so very weird in this picture <---- i wanted to take a picture with the thing so much!!! haha.. here is a pic of me and Carinn(she is tired and sleepy) ---->

P.S. i m so blur and HUNGRY now!! i skip my lunch and dinner.. i only eat bread for my tea time..sob sob* i want FOOD! sorry if there were mistake and stuff cos i m sleepy and tired now..need to go to bed if not i will be even more HUNGRY!!!

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