Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hApPy RetiReMenT tO fOrM 5 pRefEcts ~.~

AT LAST!! i m RETIRED from prefects board..haha.. *sound happy but still lots of discipline problems in school..well 'prefect' always known as students' BIGGEST enemy in school.. hahaha.. yeah! yet still i wanna become one cos i lov it and i enjoy it!! haha.. mainly i become prefect because i cant stand the way student nowadays behave(i mean bad one) and the discipline is very bad.. maybe i thought i wanna make some changes out there and let students become a better person.. i fell secondary school life is when you enjoy the most and have lots of fun so i would not want to see students behave badly(bad record) during their school life.. i have train myself to be more discipline and become a better person(u cant see outside!! is inside me!! LOL)..
*thinking of the 1st day becoming a warder still fresh in my mind..haha.. i remember last time i use to be very fiece.. i will never let a student step on me.. whenever i cant stand that person i will directly complain to my discipline teacher will just come and slapped that kid...from that day onwards the kid listen to me..*sound BAD and EVIL.. well cant blame me.. prefect is a person with feeling.. they can get stress and of course the school have to protect them if not they sure kena 'belasah teruk'..hahaha..
there is bad and good becoming a senior use to tell me that being a prefect is not an easy job and you will loose your friends.. i learn that true friend will understand you as a prefect..o yeah i met new friends by becoming a prefect..haha.. i m proud to become one and i never regret..cos i feel we are one family.. i love those days when my senior around..
NOW!! things change.. discipline is worst than i thought.. prefects also all *speechless.. hamid khan use to be dreamland to me but now is nightmare.. o well.. i m gonna leave the school.. i hope to see improvement.. ok..i m not going to talk much cos you might just dozed off..i just wanna say do not hate prefect cos they are just doing their job but if you hate that person then its just between you and him/her!! haha... here are some pictures! LOL!

its a group photo of prefects board when i m form 2..LOL! do you spot me?? DONT ZOOM! is like soooo stupid..those hair style!! hahaha...

we do have our own outing too!! haha..we do enjoy..we do have some time for PLAY! haha..

during form3.. we are the group leaders in the camp..

now we have grown up!! LOL!.. our last year in school..

yup..the form 5 committee members of prefects board..

we do go crazy!! haha..but there is always a limit.. well i m gonna miss you guys soon...

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