Monday, July 7, 2008

7th AnNuaL LunCheOn

This year is the last year i will go for my girl guides annual luncheon... i m gonna miss them SOOONN!!!! the purpose of organizing the annual luncheon is an appreciation for form5 rangers.. well i just wanna say i m proud of form4 that they had organize the annual luncheon successfully.. but i dint really enjoy so much except the food and my friends!! hahaha.. i m not gonna talk much bout the event cos i was more than an hour late!! haha... so enjoy the pictures!!

_______________Random Pictures!! with friends.._______________

Me and Crystal..thanks for coming girl!!!

Me and Chiew last we took a picture after being soooo close for 5 years.. she live opposite my house and we usually wait for bus together and being very close till i get my motor lisen..sorry..but i still dint forget u as my friend!! hehe..

Me and May Phing(Pengacau) lol...but i still love her!! haha.. i never had a junior soooo close to me!! she is the first one!! we usually disturb each other whenever we saw each other..haha.. she is one of the organizing committee members for the event.. i m proud of her!! lov ya!! hahaha...

Me, Jasa And Ching ying!!

Ching Ying, Ting Ting & me!!!!

excuse me!! i m trying to write a dedication here!! me and Yung wei..

is me and Cik.Furziah!! my best teacher ever!! she shared with me and always listen to my problems.. o yeah.. u can see us every Wednesday in Queensbay!! DUH!! is movie day!! of couse..we wont wanna miss it..hahaha

Yung wei, Rong mei(chairlady for the event)and Esther (MC).. yung wei is giving out lucky draw prize!! excuse me lady!! u r not suppose to look at it..

Annual Luncheon IDOL!!! at last he sang!! we use to be same class and he always sat beside me and sang for me..hahaha.. now everyone know his talent!!

___Pictures With my AJKs' which help me throughout the year!!!___
___let me introduce them!!___

__the committee of 41st Unit Ranger__

is MEEEE!!! (Unit Leader) silly girl...

Me and Jasa Wendie (Asst. Unit Leader) thanks for helping so much throughout the year!! LOV YA always!!

Me and Ting Ting(Treasurer) seriously she is a very responsible and good in her job!! well..most of the time she will come out with lots of weird ideas but it WORKS!! hahaha..

yep!! is me and my best friend Carinn(Quater mistress)!! she is gorgeous and beautiful!! she won best female for the event..CONGRATES!!! hahaha..

Ching Ying(Asst.secretary) and me!!! hmm.. she did help jasa alot and always been caring me!! lol..

Me and yung Wei(Secretary)..she got A BIG EYE!!! hahaha.. she is a CUTE GIRL!!!

_________The Following pictures are my AJKs' and Me_________

me and kim Lay

Me and Lay Chin

Me and Angela

Me and Yee Fern

P.S. not all AJK pictures i have!! sorry.. here is a group of my AJK pictures!!

LENG LUI pictures...hahaha!!

YEP!!! the pregnant LADY!! lol..she is my teacher advisor.. most of the time we dont like her cos we always argue and scold each other....hahaha.. but in our hearts we lov her!! she do help us alot unlike other teachers which will always sit down and dont know whats going on..

my committee members and the form 4(organizing committee of the event) {FORMAL}


-----THE END-----

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