Thursday, April 1, 2010

ConDoLencEs JAMES!

hi readers, as usual its my 2nd week of college reopen.. looks like i m back to my life that i m 24/7 busy cos of work n study at the same time.. weekends will be dance class n relaxing.. been happening lots of things lately like sister coming down to penang for a week-steamboat n shopping wif her, earth hour at starbucks, and lots more that currently i cant think of it.. anyway i been thinking over my birthday bbq party since last 2 weeks.. i m so excited n happy cos this is would be the 1st time having a bbq-party!!!

would be the 1st time doing bbq.. jus now after class went to tesco wif my friends. bought lots of stuff.. arguing here n there what i wanna eat.. had lots of fun.. i received a call from my sister on my way.. she told me my best friend pass away.. i was like fooling around n stuff n decided to call my brother.. same thing he tell me.. i dont hav the feeling to describe.. no sadness nothing at all.. all i know is that i m laughing all the way wif my friends...

went came back home, told my brother i wanna follow him to the funeral wif my sister... went there.. from far i saw my best friend picture.. start to shiver.. when i step in n look at his picture.. out of nowhere there were lots of emotion n things running through my mind.. then i start to feel My GOSH! i wanted to cry but i hold back til my face turn red.. guess thats all.. dont wanna further in or more details.. i jus calm down after having my bath.. cried til eye pain.. what can i do?? i m attending my BEST FRIEND funeral just before my 19th BIRTHDAY! they say 18 is a bad luck.. guess its true!

i really cant believe this would actually happen.. just before my birthday? why?
guess thats faith.. i dont know how m i gonna look forward on my birthday..
i will update when i m calm.. i need more time.. thanks for ur concern!
sorry for those who i kinder promise on calling u all back bout any outing n dates and i cant make it til now..sorry! i m very busy currently.. guess now i need longer time.. dont worry i m fine! i m strong to enough to overcome the fact.. its normal to hav emotion.. i will get over it.. nite^^



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