Sunday, March 21, 2010

I M BaCk

hey, sorry for not updating much this few days or weeks..haha.. anyway i m great here (if u wonder how m i).. hmm.. Today will be my last day of holiday! Term break had finally comes to end. Wow! time passes so fast. Basicly last week i been spending my whole week on my project cos friday is our last chance of our presentation! yeah i know. holiday n yet back to college for presentation? lolx.. we cant finish our work so our lecturer is kind enough to let us delay our work..! hmm.. most of my friends were impressed by the way i present n talked! haha.. lecturer say i talked to much yet i m confident at my artwork..lolx! yeah.. i wanna present that way cos i wanna make it different n i know my artwork not that nice so hopefully to gain marks from presentation.. =p

this week..nothing much! went for bar class(barista training class by starbucks).. kinder bored but at some point its very interesting..haha.. very valuable n guess it helps me in future..i do enjoy^^ the rest of my week, i been sleeping n rooting at home! that particular week.. i only work 1 DAY! what a waste.. i m like SO FREE!! lolx..hahah.. hmm.. now need to finish my barista training book..gtg.. bye see ya


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