Sunday, March 7, 2010

pAiNtBaLl.. No PaIn NO gAiN ^^

U HEARD ME!!! lolx.. Went for paintball yesterday with whole bunch of jokers.. LOLX.. anyway sorry for not updating.. Last week was a very hectic week for me! damn! rushing my project n assignment.. able to sleep few hours every night.. well mainly morning college come back rush project then night work then come back rush assignment.. super duper TIRED!!!! o yeah last friday got my computer exam too..thank GOD is easy!!! haha.. then after that head to work then night rush assignment.. get to sleep few hours.. sat morning wok up early go college hand up assignment then head for badminton.. damn tired !!!!! i know my friend gonna screw me if i dint go.. then got 3hours dance class.. head back home n went bro house do some buniess stuff n had dinner wif bro.. hehe.. my sunday!!! PAINTBALL!.

I thought i cant get up during sunday.. 1st time go for modern dance on sat sprain my both leg muscle.. now asking me wear the army suit that is like SO DAMN HEAVY n RUN?? lolx.. anyway was awesome game n we had lots of fun.. i dont even know any of them except darrylx n yin yee.. around 10 people playing.. oni 2 girls including me.. played around 5 games.. thought would finish in 4 games but some left lots of bullet so we had our final game..

very fun n tiring thou.. the worst part during 2 or 3 game.. left me alone surviving there.. was like OH SHIT..lolx.. every coner got people.. die la..hahaha..running part was tiring.. and we hardly communicate wif our team mate cos too noisy.. here some pic.. not all got yet.. here r some..

they rent the whole level of car park for paintball.. awesome huh? on top all also got.. whole car park..

the entrance.. along all the place is for paintball too..

group pic.. sorry cant name them cos most of them i forget their names d.. but i remember who shoot me..lolx

was not ready..lolx

here our best post..haha

ready wif our guns.. bullet not enough!!!

another pic of us..lolx

During our Last game

Standing with gun is team A.. looks like all aming Alex (guy beside me)..

Look at koon kit expression(2nd last left lying down).. look at darrylx(find urself..the one close this part)..LOLX!


alamak all talk non stop bout games n not ready..

lolz.. something COOL! hahah

last pic of the day..hehe

hmm...thats all la.. nex post hopefully will be my presentation this coming friday! lolx.. need to really faster finish my project.. i m gonna impress my lecturer wif my talk!!!!!! =P lolx.. hopefully la..haha..there were more pictures but dint get yet. i thought i cant get the paintball pic as yin yee told me she wont upload so fast..guess she could not resist we look so yeng n its a nice activity..hehe! anyway now i m looking forward for another paintball maybe on my brother birthday! haha.. celebrate for him! lolx... anyway thats all.. lov ya folks..

check out fb.. guess everyone is "shooting" in words instead of guns..lolx..
thanks alex for organizing.. GOOD ONE! hehe..


xWei said... good~I wan play too T.T

sook koon said...

hahah.. come la.. nex time ajak u!... u from KL?? lolx

xWei said...

Reali?? ah,from penang oni~Y think I from KL har?? >.<

sook koon said...

lol... really? wahh.. i really forget who r u d.. but i know u one!!!

xWei said...

Oo..noe me but 4gt ~haha

sook koon said...

i remember u d! u also pandai cari hor? can find my blog..haha