Saturday, March 13, 2010

PainTbaLl PoSter

Poster is up! heard the person who incharge make a new poster so we are IN THERE! lolx.. its A3 size.. only my team leader have it.. check out! hehe.. WEE PEE i m the the GROUP! lolx..

SPOT ME? lox... i think there is 2 pic..haha

thats all for now.. hmm..try to sneak out from house to go club.. damn HUNGRY LA! i wanna go eat.. dammit.. miss dancing.. wanna go shake my ass there..lolx.. i think jus now dance class dint shake that much..haha



木子 said...

Hi, the game is quite interesting. How much for that?

sook koon said...

haha..i know i pay RM48. they count by how many bullets we take and I THINK is package la. I m not so sure. U can call up to ask..