Saturday, November 3, 2007

WoaH!! 12 hOurS oUTinG...

this blog is about what happen and what i did yesterday.. Yesterday i went out with my best friend,carinn.. we suppose to go at 8am in the morning but we delay til 12pm cos we cant get up from the get ready and went to her house around 11.30am.. the purpose i want to go gurney is my handphone having problem and i need to get my friend to service for me and i need to go down town to print my camp's certificate and as well as looking for chirstian books cos i might take bibble knowledge(BK) in my spm next year..i was force to ate lunch at her house cos there were lots of food..ARR!! but is ok..atleast i get to enjoy with her.. we went out at 12pm..i bring her to the printing shop which is located behind gurney.. we were there for around 40minute..the person over there are very nice..well i m his usualy he try to modifie your certificate so it looks better and nice.. WOAH LAH!!! the certificate is done and is totally nice!!..(sorry no picture)..but i will post it up soon..after printing we went to this baptist bookstore.. we went inside and look for books but unfortunetly we dint buy any cos is very expensive but we spend some time reading the book..guess what we were reading??.. lol.. ok i will give some example but no ofference is just attract us and make us pick the book!!!
exp:'sex happen between teenagers',relationship and emotional books..LOl..well the book make us pick them..haha...after an hour we went to gurney..

after i park my motor,we went to see my friend and get him to check whats wrong with my handphone but he dont have that service so he took it and let other people fix and ask me to collect next carinn ask me how do i live without my handphone!!..haha..i can just live without handphone for a while..Lol.. then we went to catch up some movie in the cinema.. end up we went to watch 'stardust' and we got 2 hours til the movie we have our tea time at sushi king..hmm..we ate alot!!! we ate for an hour and we stil got an hour.. carinn was going to take the resit and pay..i immediately take away the resit and ask her to sit down and say " if you going to step put from here, you are going to waste money and go to arcade and play and waste even more money!!!" so end up we talk and we get free drinks..haha.. we have alot of fun talking to each other..i m happy that i m able to told her bout christianity..we laugh and have fun doing silly stuff.. we went out 10mminute before our movie start..although we are full yet buy popcorn.. she just cant stand without popcorn!! hahaha.. so we went in and just in time the movie start..well the movie was very nice and we even saw my friends,Alvin and Eric..

the movie finish at 9pm and we went to arcade and freeking cool inside the jacket is so thick yet damn cool..ARR!! we decide to go arcade and dance to warm up..we have a lot of fun!!! shouting and dancing..haha.. damn crazy and people were looking at us..after that carinn's parent call up and she need to go home..we walk out at 11.30 and we were shocked when my motor went missing.. serius!! but at last we found it..the person move all the motors near to another lot cos just now raining..hmm..if my motor went missing i m going to get from my parents!! luckly is just old one..i think i will get new one if realy happens..ok!! i dont wish to happen cos i like my motor although is old and crapy..i went all my way to relau to take carinn go home..GREAT!! the hill got no lights and is spooky..i might knock into something if i m not carefull..after i send her home i went home..i was praying hope that i wont get scold before i step into my house..guess what?? i m always parents sleep and dont even notice i sneak into the house..ok..nex morning, everyone went out and play except me cos i need to study for my exam!!.. another 2 days and i m free!!!!..thats all about my day and just want to say i have alot of fun with my friend..she is my bested best friend ever...hehe


Samuelmo said...

wow.. its sounds to be like a amazin day u had, with ur bestoe, dats great u had fun !! relax from stressin of exams, hmm... hey sukkie, do u wear a helmet with dat when u ride ur motor?

anyway gtg beddies, ciao and sweet dreams gd nite !!

Sukkie-gurl said...

hahaha..yah but i m kinder guilty take my friend out til at exam not yet over i play til crazy d..haha..yah of couse i wear cos is the rules in Malaysia!!thanks alot buddy..

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!! i cant believe u wrote our 12 hours outing story n post it in ur blog!! its an amazing day isnt it? hehehe i relli enjoy it girlfren!! n dun feel guilty about it, its wat best frens do! muahahah
thx girl! muakszz n its a good thing u didnt get scold from ur parents too, u lucky girl! hehe

BesT FrenS,

Sukkie-gurl said...

Lol..of couse is an amazing day for me!! i will write and tell out how much i enjoy!!!..hehe..o yah sorry that you get scold or something but atleast we enjoy our saturday night!! yeah..neh, i m not realy that lucky..haha.. we hang out some other time again.ok??hehe...muacks