Thursday, November 8, 2007

WoAh..$w3eT 16tH

this blog is about my friend's birthday party!!! actualy my friends actual birthday is on 9 Novermber and 25 November but since today is school holiday so we celebrate earlier.. yesterday i went to my friend's house and prepare sushi for today's party.. the sushi looks kinder weird but is nice..woah..whose the chef here?? of couse is my best friend, carinn khoo..haha.. today i was suppose to wake up at 7am and go to my friend house and have breakfast but i overslept..i went out at 2pm because its raining cats and dogs..when i reach there,all my friends get ready to go to my birthday girl's house..we walk there cos her house is just nearby..there are some pictures of us having great time celebrating my friends' birthday..

here is yung wei,carinn and ting ting..they were putting candles on the cake..

here are the birthday girls..ching ying and ting ting..

here is the best part..pressing their head down!!!! muahaha

woah..actualy we cant finish the alot..

ok..look at the sushi!!! our hand made sushi!!! yeah..looks weird but is not bad after all..that was the only food we finish..

lai lai..makan makan..u see both of gready take so many..

prepare for our next event!!!!

SINGGING!!! just look at them..they were suppose to sit down and sing end up everyone standing up and sing!!!..hahaha

here is ting ting, me and ching ying!!! i m between the birthday girls..

me and my best friend,carinn..


Samuelmo said...

Nice .. pics.. seems like u had an awsum birthday Sukkie .. god luck and bless u for the future take cares ...


Sukkie-gurl said...

LOl..we enjoy alot..thanks alot man..

Anonymous said...

hahax!! sweet sixteen of course! after the test then do the party... must be as sweet as honey! ^^

well it does seems that you and you're friend enjoy it a lot and also can finish all the sushi (other food finish or not? don't waste don't waste.... ok? ^^

wa lau... karaoke some more aa? cannot tahan lo.. next time must invite you and you friend to karaoke lounge and sing like there's no tomorrow!!

well.. that's all i can say about the party so live your life to the fullest!!!!!... and mind introduce some of your friends to me? (loLZ!!!! hehex...) ^^

Matthew ^^

Sukkie-gurl said...

lol..yah of couse..we lov to enjoy just to release our stress and go crazy like that day you dance in know you are that crazy..haha
our sushi and eggs finish and the rest we cant realy finish alot of food!!! and is just 6 of us only...
of couse i will intorduce..they are keat tatt's friends too..maybe we hang out one day and i will ask them come along..hehe

Death Legion said...

Its those sushi again....ahahha...XD
didn't tapau some for me ? im hungry

Sukkie-gurl said...

Lol..hahaha yeah.. its the sushi i told you.. i will make for you when you come back..hehe