Thursday, January 3, 2008

cOuNtdOwN To 2008!!!!

this is my 1st time i went to countdown and its in Gurney..well,is kinder a bit late i post this because i was waiting for pictures from my teacher..Huh? teacher?.. hahahaha.. i went to this countdown because i got dancing performance invited by hotlink and my teacher took us there cos we know there will be traffic jam so we decided to cram in teacher's car but some of them went their by themselves.. lol.. we all were very friendly to teacher and this is not the 1st time we went outing together!! we reach there around 4pm and we decided to watch movie but unfortunately we scared we cant make it in time for our performance..

we went to MCD to have our tea time and meet some friends over there..after that we went to the stage area to see how big the stage it is so we can estimate where is our position.. then i and my teacher went to the beach side while the others were hunting for CD!!! cos we forget to bring our song's cd.. ARR!! also my fault cos i forget to return to my friend..luckily we found piracy cd in Gurney!! thank GOD!!

then we all find a place to sit and wait the program to start and we check out what time is our dance..we sat in front of the DOME and the nearest shop to the stage and there were a lot of people in front of the stage..there were games on the stage and i went up to the stage and join the game for 3 time with my friend.. the 1st game we loose but the 2nd game we get 1st and each of us get RM100 voucher!!! wooo hooo!!
ok...the 3rd game was free dance and i went up alone.. the winner depands how loud the crowd cheer for you..1st time i m doing free dance on the stage in the public!!! lol..i dint win but i still get my prizes and people were cheering for me..hehe.. i got lots of prizes and i did give some to my friend..

time for our dance performance!!! it was great and nice..the dance you can see from my previous blog is the same just that our final post is different..after our dance,there were band playing some songs and people singing on the stage.. i and my friends were damn crazy!! we go till the front stage and start dancing and screaming!! people start to turn over and look at us!!..hahaha.. but we were having so much fun..we did this till countdown is over..there were fireworks also..

after the fireworks,we went back to our place that we sit.. people start to keep the chairs and tables..guess what we did?? we put our bags in the middle and start to dance and screaming!!! we are so damn crazy!!! but we all enjoy a lllloooottttt!!!!
we went back around 3am..WOOO HOOO!!!!

here we are taking picture in front of the christmas tree!!!

here is me and my junior participating games on the stage!! lol..we won 1st prize!!

our position!!! get ready for dance performance!!

the MOVES!!!

ARR!! the smoke thing..make us confuse..dont know where we are..

Lol..look at our hair...hahaha

here is our post!!! this is the post we did during our final dance competition..

the crowed is reading for the countdown!!!! wooo hooo... ok..we are at the front of the

lol..we are so crazy!!! now we just cant stop dancing!!!

Happy New Year!!! yeah..look at the girls attack the boys..

ok!! we are outside this DOME shop..people start to keep the chairs and we just dump our bags on the floor and start dancing!!!

just cant stop dancing!!! Lol...the night is still young!!!

taking picture with the mecce (Aarron)


matthew said...

well, you really dance to the max at there!! and are you the one who do the split??!! wow!! you so good ler!!

Sukkie-gurl said...

hahahah...yeah!!! i m so hyper into dancing..we all dance for few i m the one on the right side but i dint do properly yet then my teacher already took a picture.. hahaha..that is a bridge not a