Tuesday, January 22, 2008

++ suBjEct fOr SPM!!!

this post is about i m taking extra subject for my SPM which is Bibble knowledge (BK).. this subject is known as the most difficult subject because most people think they often read bibble so is hard for them to score.. well, i been asking myself since last year whether or not i want to take this subject and i been asking my senior for some advice and my friends which have taken this subject before.. all i get is the same answer which is 'up to you'...usually every year the president of Christian Fellowship (CF) will take this subject in SPM and they are the only one in the school taking it.. this year is my year being in the part of committee and i m the president this year.. well,is not compulsory but for me I would love to know more bout God and encourage my junior taking it in future.. Recently I talk to Jeshua,(president of CF 2007) and he encourage me to take up!!! after few days thinking,i thought of giving a try by attending the tuition.. i started to go BK tuition class in the beginning of the year and i find it fun at the same time struggle studying the text book!!! this is because i don't go church so often and i accepted in Christ when i m in secondary school so i don't have a good basic like other Christian do..now my teacher is teaching the book of Acts but i need to study the book of Luke..there are only two books are tested in SPM.. you can just see me struggle studying the book of Luke by myself!!! ask Crystal (my classmate)..she is not a Christian but she help me a lot in English word and at the same time finding the words in dictionary..thanks to her a lot and i do share with her bout Christian!! hahaha...lol..till now i still thinking whether i wan to take anot..

here are the text book!!! the book of Acts and Luke..

here is my favorite pencil case!!! i got it when i went for High School Musical competition..lol...

p.s. Please give me some advice!!! thanks..


Anonymous said...

Hi there.

my suggestion is that go for what u think best for u & do it wif a sincere heart. dun ever regret and taking up BS is a good thing for u. u could get closer to GOD and u might b HIS little angel on earth.

again, Go for what u think is the best for you. And NOT what other's think Best for u.


Sukkie-gurl said...

hey!! thanks a lot.. well currently i m studying the subject and try to catch up...