Friday, March 21, 2008

GoOd FriDaY & nEw L*.*k+++

yee pee!! today is Good Friday!! lol..what i did?? hmm...every year Good Friday i went to Penang Free School cos they have this CF gathering and they will invite speakers and give some talk.. well,i was so stress and last minute!! suddenly there were lots of my CF member going and i need to arrange transport.. eventualy all of them get to go and one of them follow me by bike and Bernard is riding his JAGUH!!! GOSH!!! he looks like his brother!! and he is riding that big bike when he got L!!! neh,i m not jealous!! buleck.. so both of us went there together.. we were late (as usual) cos our shool ends at the same time they start..went there sing songs,worship,meet new friends and mostly receiving God's word!!! so the event ends at 2pm..

i need to go back to school and drop my friend then i need to buy lunch and rush to my dance practise!! i got performance on Saturday!! MBS gathering!! so stress and tired!! after the dance around 5, i went home and took a bath then meet my friends in the saloon shop!! some of us have a hair cut and do some touch up and all of us get our hair wash!! hahaha... here are some pics!!!

me and ting ting!! she just have to hug me!!

KCY in the progress...

Aww!!! she look soooo cute!!! let me introduce her!! her name is yung wei..

is just me before i had my hair cut!!!

me and Jasa!! love her so much!!

me and Carinn's new look!! she is HOT and a good dancer!!

me and Carinn!! 2nd pic!! Love her alot!!

-hope we could win something back tomorrow!! GOD BLESS US!!-

+drop some comments on our look!! hehe..+

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