Saturday, April 5, 2008

My 17 SuRpriSeD BirThDay pArTy!!!! *.*

1st of all i want to THANK ALL MY BESTED BEST BEST FRIENDS EVER!!! for doing a surprised party for me!!! *sob sob so touch!! lets start from the beginning!! hmm.. early morning i woke up and went for dance class..then Ching Ying (friend) call me up non stop and keep asking me what time i m gonna fetch her to Jasa's house for karaoka.. they are planning to sing karaoka at Jasa's house for fun and to sing birthday song for me.. then after i drop ching ying i went to find yung wei.. she told me she going to come but lie to others that she wont turn up!! lol...both of us make a deal cos we just want to surprise them!! then i fetch yung wei to buy something in Queensbay and told others i m gonna be late..

At last i reach Jasa's house.. i m late for an hour.. when i m at outside of the house they just shout SOOK KOON HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! then i went in.. suddenly the room became dark and bring out a cake and sing birthday song for me!! Aww...they are so sweet and nice..Carinn was holding the cake!! she told me she cant make it cos of the dad!! HMPH!! SHE LIE!! lol..forgive her!! i m sssoooo happy to see her!! she just wan to surprised me!! they start with korea birthday song!! which i got no idea of what they were saying..hahaha...u see how silly they are.. then only they sing English birthday after blowing the candles and cut the cake then we all went to the kitchen.. i was so surprised to see so much food on the table!! WOW!! they spend a lot of money on the food for my party!! then they carry the table to the living room and eat!! well,actually we are doing steamboat..hahaha...thanks for the party!! hmm...actually today was not my birthday!! my birthday was 2 days ago.. i thought of calling my friends to come to my house and celebrate my birthday but my mom dont everything was postpone.. just to tell the truth!! i was very sad on my birthday..hais.. but now i m HAPPY!! woo hooo..
thanks to my girl friends... here are lots lots of pictures!!! ENJOY!!!

the preparation before i arrived at JASA's HOUSE!!!
ching ying and Carinn prepared the food..

but..she just cant wait i come so she ate 1st!!

ting ting preparing my birthday present!! she took an hour to carve the watermelon!!

almost done!! all is her hard work!!

too much of water!! COOKING FAIL... lol..

my favorite!! my best friend preparing those thing because she know i like to eat that..hahaha..

WHEN I REACH!!! open the door and close everything... taaa daaaa... happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to cheng/soooookkk.. Ohh.. sook koon happy birthday to U!!! Aw... THANK YOU!!!
my best surprised birthday party ever!!

cik cak!! me with my friends and my birthday CAKE!!

my birthday cake!! they wrote *happy birthday to our lovely friend, sook koon (sukkie & TVXQ)*

lots of food!! they spend a lot and went out whole day to shop for those..thank u JASA AND TING TING!!hehe..

all post with their own bear!! thanks to yung wei!! all those bear are from her..a gift of friendship.. u see how nice is she!! thanks!

best friend collection!! the red one is mine!!!

the most special and silly birthday present ever!! thanks to ting ting!! she spend a lot of money buying food till she dont have enough money to buy presents for me!! then she carve the watermelon for me!! silly girl but i lov it..hehe

thats how it looks when u open it..ais-cream melted!! inside there are lots of fruits..

all my girl friends!! thats hold a surprised party for me..they are special to me..from right: Carinn Khoo, Ting Ting, Ching Ying, Jasa Wendie and Yung Wei ^.^

its just me feeling so happy and lucky!!

lol..dumping everything to the steamboat..hahaha

fuu yooo!! full with FOOOOODDDD!!! lol..

lai lai..makan makan...

GREAT!! u see what happen when this girl is beside me when i try to cut the cake for everyone!!

DAMN!! kena attack!! CREAM FIGHT!! wooo hooooo

me with BOBO!! Jasa's dog..

together with all my girl friends!!

crazy girls with the post!! hehe...

*Just wan to thank all my girl friends again for the surprised party and presents!! i m so happy to have u all as my guides committee and best friends!!*

not to miss out!! thanks to Hanniel(papa) for original KENNY G cd!!
so happy!! LOVE KENNY G!!

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matthew said...

wow!! it IS the sweetest 17th birthday for you!

the surprise is what a tennager dreamed of

the sincerity of your friends

great presents

and of course... your hot friends celebrating with you!!!

congratulation on your birthday party. it really is a good party!everything works like a charm and not to mention the very cute watermelon!!


sook koon said...

Aww...thanks alot matt!! well yeah tennager dreamed of is surprised party!! hahaha..u will get one soon!!! those watermelon is a gift from my friend's hardwork.. so touch..*sob sob.. heheh..thanks ya!!

Hara said...


how sweet~
could see that u enjoyed your suprise party. xP

when is the party?? lol...
stop postponing it... :P

Hara Here!!!

sook koon said...

Aw...thanks hara!!

hmm...our party on 26 april!!! and i scared i cant make it..o yeah.. there are youth wave on 20april!! MUST COME!!! u guys are invited..

matthew said...

well you will have another party which will be crazy but not as good as this but will be crazy wan! trust me! all you have to do is to come at 26th of April ok?

matthew said...

if cannot, nvm wan! just hope you can come ok?

sook koon said...

hmm...well i promise hara i m gonna make it!! no matter what happen i will be there!! ARGH!.. hahaha..well i hope i could make it la..i try my best.ok??

Tzeyen said...

Wah.. so sweet de birthday party.. I wish to have one.. LOL..

sook koon said...

lol..u will have!! dont worried..

Tzeyen said...

ahaha.. thanks.. xD.. Hope so laa..