Monday, April 21, 2008

CaPTaiN baLL++

played before?? lol... some might not even heard these game before..the game is something like netball which means when you take the ball you cant move your leg!! but you must pass it to your catcher so your team will score!! last Saturday my school cf participate in this captain ball game in Balik Pulau..we dint win but we get to go to the second round!! i have lots of fun and meet few was very challenging as my team is from secondary school and we haven to play against some tall tall guy and basketball player from other we already done our best!!our game was suppose to be outside of the mini stadium at the field but after our lunch it starts to rain so the game was held inside the stadium...guess what?? we are the only team do not have supervisor!! we dont have enough people to substitute us so some of us have to play all the time!!hmm..cant write much as i m having fever and need more rest are some pictures!!
resting after our 1st match!!

lol...they are my juniors!! Ryan got nothing better to play...

there are also other games held in the stadium..there are people playing floor ball and beside is the captain ball..

get ready for the semi final!!!

my team!! although we dint win but they are a good player!! keep it up!!

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