Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mY 1ST sAmaN!!!!!!!

SAMAN!!!!! lol... so whats the big deal!!! is just RM20!!! NO!!!! is a big DEAL!!! ok..let me begin how i get this stupid paper!! happen last 2 days ago,when i took my friend, gim hoong to take camera in komtar.. that was around evening and i park over some place which all cars park there.. i thought it was nothing wrong to park there as there were few motor park there.. then i went in to the the camera shop with him..

i saw a lady with uniform write something and stand near my motor.. without wasting anytime i rush to her and asked her to cancel..:-
ME : eh,boleh cancel ar??? saya tak tahu tak boleh park mah..
LADY : o.o!! i tulis separuh dah..tak boleh cancel dah!!
LADY : er..RM20 saja la..tak banyak..u tahu siapa kerja sana u boleh mintak discount..
ME : saya tak ada duit bayar hor?? TULIS LA!!! mengapa motor lain tak dapat?? sana begitu banyak!!
LADY : saya akan tulis nanti..
ME : CIS!!! *wait and make sure she write for other motor..

*after taking the camera, i m lated for tuition.. since we travel so far.. we went to eat the most famous ais-kacang.. hahaha.. as a celebration on my 1st saman in my LIFE!!!!

this is how it looks like!!!

long paper huh...

Celebration on my 1st saman in my LIFE!!


Tzeyen said...

walao.. still can celebrate.. not bad.. lols.. anyways, did she write for other motor??

Tzeyen said...

er..RM20 saja la..tak banyak..u tahu siapa kerja sana u boleh mintak discount.. mean what? dun really understand..

Anonymous said...

it means that if you know any1 working with the JPJ people, u can get discount.

Swarna said...

so kesian, nvr mind the ice kacang cool u down adi!!!

sook koon said...

to tze yen : she wrote for one of the motor also but other they get to escape!! craP!!!

to anonymous : yeap u r right!!! anyway mind to put ur name??

to swarna : lol..yeap!!! haha..

Tzeyen said...

Oh i see... can like that one ar?? crap..

sook koon said...

anyway..the lady give me saman ask me to play in 3weeks time..i think now is more than 3weeks and i havent pay!! going to tear it very SOON!!! lol..bad citizens!!

Tzeyen said...

Oh I see.. then faster go n pay up la? later kena again... hehe..