Friday, April 25, 2008

sPoRts dAy~!!

ARGH!!!!! Rain.... on sports day!!!! well suppose to be loootttsss of FUNS!!! neh,we still have lots of fun..woke up morning++ wooo hooo!!! my fever is fully recover.. get ready and went out.. rush to prefect room and take blazer and flags... after the assembly everyone starts to get ready and this is the 1st time i feel sports day is LAME.. there is no fighting spirit among the marching team and the people is getting less and less.. well, i m involve in the marching but not in a 'TEAM'.. i m just holding the school's flag..
8.40 a.m. i guess?? V.I.P arrived... marching starts.. during bacaan ikrar starts RAINING!!! GREAT!!
hmm.. i m involve in 2 events which is 100m and 4X100m.. lol... is been a loooong time i havent run.. hahaha... yeap!! no training no winning.. well i only got 2 gold medals which is lompat jauh & lontar peluru.. i m just lucky to get..hehe.. nothing much bout sports day as i say is LAME this year!! there were big crowed in canteen cos the form3 is selling food (one of their project).. it was raining thought out the whole event...i will just annoce the winner for the marching and house!!

Winner for the MARCHING >>> RC UNIT-32

*sorry!!! i only have 2 pictures.. will try to get MORE!!! can see me(wearing blue shirt)..those were my form5 committee pushing me..

this is what i GET!!! as a leader of guides..well this is going to be the last event i enjoy in my guides and i m going to miss them..

++aFteR sPorTs DaY++
OuTinG wiTh GirL FriEndS!!! Lol...

well, i suppose to have driving lesson but i turn up to go Queensbay with my hmm..went there as usual.. play game in arcade then we went for a movie!!!

Me and my boy neh!!! is ting ting in boy's style..hahaha..

Me and Jasa wendie.. LOVE her LOTS!!!

Taking picture together!!! from left++ yUng YuNg, mE , TiNg tInG & JaSa++

____THE END___

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