Wednesday, September 9, 2009

bLesSed BirThdaY CrYsTaL

1st of all happy birthday to crystal and yeah welcome to 18th bitch list! LOL*** Hang out and celebrate with her on Tuesday.. Her birthday was suppose on Wednesday.. Since Tuesday i m off then hang out with her.. call others up but danny and cer able to tag along..suppose to meet at Queensbay around 3pm but drag here and there reach there 4something.. haha.. able to get movie ticket.. went to secret recipe to get a piece of cake for her.. *got discount..haha..

we celebrate before danny and cer come cause danny could not join us for any celebrate due to religion thing.. went to the spring roll i think* shop and ate something light.. introduce crystal the cheeze and chicken paratha* and yeah! she was totally addicted and she LOVE it ALOT! lol.. then meet up with carinn and danny at kin gary.. make lots of joke and bully the waiter..hahaha..

went for movie then supper with cik.fuz. She been asking me out since last week so went out with her.. went to crystal house.. was around 11.40.. her parents reach home just 5min before her birthday! LOL!.. we celebrate her birthday at 12am.. she said was the 1st time celebrating birthday with family and pic..

birthday cake i bought for her.. manage to finish the full..

birthday girl with the cake.. haha..

me and danny.. LOL!

the real big birthday cake! lol..

making her long long wish..

thats all for now! wanted to post the pic of the wording i make for kai yee since her birthday was on Tuesday but left the picture in computer.. she loves the wording i made for her.. anyway wish her blessed birthday too!! not to forget.. my honeydew kor kor! happy birthday!!!

now.. need to get my door FIX!!! jus now accidentally close my door and no one seem to open the door for me.. so decided to walk out from my window and walk on top of the roof to my mom's room.. knock on her window and ask her open.. got scold!! cos scared her suddenly someone from window knock..LOL! the only way!! now hoping my dad go bed now so i can watch movie downstairs!! hahah..

thats all for now..
will keep things update if possible..
anyway thanks sammo for the supper.. haha
i m still sneezing and coughing real bad..
pray for me** hope to get well ASAP!
need to start practice dance often.. exam coming SOON!

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