Sunday, September 27, 2009

cAmeRon HigHLanD triP

damn! i dont even remember when is the cameron highland trip! well, i only remember we went during school mid year holidays.. maybe around jun or july.. sorry for not uploading cameron trip photo cause i did not went to take it from my teacher.. yesterday went to cik.fuz house to visit her.. she cook roasted chicken!! had dinner with her and sorry to cer and yin yee could not make it for guides dinner.. you know why..haha!! well this post is basicly bout cameron trip..

hmm.. i dont remember much but still abit here and there..haha.. o yeah! this is the 1st time i went to cameron highland.. was not that cold compare to genting but that is the place call the tea of heaven! ask my gf how much i LOVE TEA! lol.. basicly we went to cameron cause cik,fuz promise to bring me and yung one day before she going off to KL.. haha.. so YEAH! she kept her promise!! hmm.. start our journey around 7am.. cik.fuz fetch yung and jasa before heading to my house.. few hours to reach there.. me,yung and sa were sleeping soundly in the car!!! haha.. i think let pics explain instead.. kinder lazy here..haha

our INN=)

check IN
yung yung and sasa

pretty and beautiful as usual =)

sweetest of ALL!!!

i look damn blur.. not ready for any pic..

head of to AIS-CREAM!!!! awesome

i jus lov the ais-cream..sour yet cold..haha
me and yung..try to


i lov this pic..hehe
me n yung^^

sasa, me and yung..
imagine u fall over..haha

flowers around .....


Historical place...


kiddy pic...

TEA factory


at the end of it...
group front of factory..
posing time!!!
relaxing after a long walk..

Tea shop


had steamboat..remember the service was not that good.. but we enjoy our food..^^


our last pic of all..hehe

was 2days and 1 night trip.. sorry too lazy to upload more pic.. it takes me 3-4hours jus to upload those pic due to bad connection..T___T.. to yung and sa, i will giv u guys all pic.k..the last day we went to tambun lost world for swimming.. wasnt that fun n waste lots of money.. dont have much time play.. i think less than 2hours..hais.. we try to entertain ourself.. race with those small kids.. push each other and splash water..ahaha.. remember the water damn damn DIRTY! yucks.. dont think wanna go there d.. we dint even bath cause toilet was too crowded.. our lost world pic is with jasa.. havent ask from her yet.. hmm.. basicly thats all for now.. i think will continue blogging tomorrow.. its a farewell dinner for yung.. its 4.30am!!! lol.. dint sleep yet and i got work at 10.30..haha.. choaz guys..

sorry for the late pic..
i had a great time with friends!!
most of all.. i miss YUNG YUNG^^
life goes on...haha..
goodnite reader..=)

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