Wednesday, September 23, 2009

sOmE UpDaTe oF me!

have u felt so lonely before??...
sitting all alone..
jus u..
cause i miss u alot..
and i still do..
all times^^
anyway i like the pic..took it in my car.. remember my doll??haha

i m back!!! opps..been busy lately.. ask me what i do so busy?? i also dont know how to answer you...haha.. i m not at home from morning til night and will come back home around 3am just to sleep then again 10am i m gone!!! even dad screw me up kau kau that night.. LOL! basicly i spend most of my time working and yet i dont work 8hours.. less than that.. so the rest of the hours i also dont know where i hilang..haha..

hmm.. basicly gonna tell u what i been up to lately if i remember.. last week stef came back to penang for her holidays.. spend one whole evening and night with her and our girl friends.. meet up at coffee island for dinner then head to sunset bistro... not sure wht i did.. i know all of us were damn tired.. slept at sunset bistro.. =.= haha.. then went to pasar malam at some pic..

me and steff at coffee island..

the view..nice right..haha

me and michelle..hehe

and again with steff!! hehe

i like the light..thats why we took a pic with a TREE?? haha

its me!! lol

candid.. i m busy sms-ing..crystal busy looking at guys? i think cat.. haha..

SHOES!! lol... ours.. haha..

P.S for more.. see Michelle's Blog


i thought wan to go out yam cha or something with friends on raya.. too bad i need to work.. cause few malay workers balik kampung..hais... was having lots of fun at work.. my supervisor gave me green packet..was the 1st green packet i ever received 1st time in my life! hahah!!! was very surprise when he give me.. I TOLD U HE SAYANG ME! haha.. seriously, my supervisor look after me and protect me very well..haha.. he never scold me even i fall all the CAKES.. T___T bad experience thou.. instead he cheer me and tell me his stories and experience.. i get along with him very well.. he would ask bout me and sometimes will sing songs for me.. haha.. aint he funny and silly? LOL!

hmm.. at night was suppose to go out with harward too bad i m too lazy and dont feel like seeing him..haha.. end up went out also.. call up crystal accompany me go hard rock hotel..haha.. cheak out new hotel in TOWN! haha.. wen out around 2am.. went there..cant get in cafe underage =.= then walked around.. very interesting and nice! haha.. saw arthur he forgotten my name n me!! angry him** anyway check out..

that thing is actually a light and it change colour every secound..

the thing is actually hanging at the celling.. to take the pic with it.. usually people lay down on the floor..hahah..we did try our best to take! lol.. i like it thou!

this is the best pic i can get among all.. haha.. i know looks weird.. oh well.. cant get the whole word in a pic..haha


yeap... i like it! its nice..

everything they display...

with the big guitar

behind is the entrance of hard rock cafe..

guess who??? micheal jackson! haha

last pic of the day! me!!!

hmm.. i think thats all for now.. this week able to spend some time with my girl friend.. wen to her house twice.. had a girl's talk..hehe.. great time with her.. hmm.. well, still looking forward to go out with harward if he ask me out in the afternoon..haha.. no time with my sister ever since she is back in penang for a week.. hais.. wrong timing.. not able to join yung,cer and jasa for karaoka also cos working... spend most of my midnight with food..ask me dont scared gain weight?? thats the problem.. i cant gain weight! haha.. will if i continue for the whole week..LOL!

anythingelse to say?? let me think.. o yeah! sorry i cant accompany u and send you off to airport JL! anyway wish u all the best in studies and future yeah.. take care^^ hmm.. dad's birthday today but was raining heavily then postpone to sunday to celebrate.. this week offday is sunday cos the whole week all malays offday.. they will come back on sunday then i get to off on sunday..LOL! cool..

o yeah. i even got saman on raya day!!! shit le.. actually was suppose to get 2 cos my car liesen expiredate and my liesen too.. duit kopi tak cukup tutup 2 saman.. kena 1 lo..wat to do..bro birthday coming up.. argh! baru ambil salary now pok kai.. all goes to saman.. damn! well not to say all cos mom call up KL inspector to clear the surprise.. haha.. anyway now got to renew my liesen!! muahah XD no more "P" lol..

thats all for now..
will update if something up right..
GOD BLESS U!!! my dear reader..

P.S i miss u.. ^^

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