Friday, October 23, 2009

aT LaSt i m FREE!!! =p

at last i m done with my ISTD silver jazz.. from my previous post u know i have been so busy with my work and dance.. even use my 1hour break time to practice dance and late for work every time..i m glad its over and hopefully my hard work pay off.. hmm.. i remember i did really bad due to the timing and lost focus.. well, i cant forgive myself for what i had done during exam.. i know what have done is done but i know i can do better.. i pratice so hard jus to get myself focus.. dint know i would actually let it go so easily.. get to did it once only.. and i did it so bad?? argh..

well, just praying there is always bonus marks la.. haha.. even i did not get a good grade but hope to pass... kinder dissapointed at myself.. thanks to my teacher for helping me and guiding me.. i know he had lost his patient yet he still have hope in me.. well, thanks for everyone supporting me.. glad i manage to make it eventhou i did not do my best.. hais.. bah,leave sad case for myself better..haha.. if not it wont be fun d.. after exam, had lunch with my team mates.. we went to giant for pizza.. some pic..

before my hairdo.. haha.. blur blur.. slept 6hours only le..

taa daaa.. i m done with my hair.. haha.. ready for my exam in small studio..

*20mins in big studio for exam..*garu head..was like yelling all the way after exam finish..haha.. back to our small studio and had some discussion..

took pic with my team mate.. from left yoke wee, chee beng and me.. dont know what to post d.. was rushing to cabut.. haha..

our senior..she is talented!!

that du no! ala pointe's percious dog.. aint he CUTE?? having a hair cut..haha.. always play with him... he got lots of FAN!!!

its been a while since i had pizza.. i knew it i m going to get it this few days..haha.. i have the thought of eating pizza for the pass few days..LOL!

we r DONE! XD

yoke wee calculating how much he need to spend on us..LOL!

chee beng enjoying his FOOD!!! =D

blur blur now.. was kinder tired and complaining bout my leg..

decided not to post my pic of me after untie my hair..looks ugly but i still like it..haha.. any way thats all for now.. currently not much activities and plan.. jus back to work.. hmm.. kinder late.. gtg.. muackkss lov ya..

i lov u bloggie..

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Death Legion said...

babe u look so cute in that dancing turns me on so much...uhhh i dun think im suppose to say that out loud but whatever...hahaha....i miss u babe