Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tomorrow is the DaY!

hi reader, yeah its been a while i m away.. well since i miss my bloggie so gonna drop by for a while and write something.. sorry back few days i m sooooo BUSY!!! for few weeks la.. my dance exam is tomorrow thats why the post is tomorrow is the day of excitement and nervous!! for the past few weeks i been working or dancing thats the only thing i do almost everyday.. i got few hours to on9 then need to get some rest.. mostly would end up not enough sleep.. been taking coffee.. *bad for health.. but at least i got eat during lunch n dinner..

ever since i start work in secret recipe i been so called on diet.. well, i dont wan it that way but timing to eat at home always wrong time which means no FOOD!! so need to get mee cup all times in 711.. sometimes took bread and coffee for the rest of the day.. seriously i got not much time to chat with you all..sorry for those who SPAM!!! me alot in msn..haha.. i got no time.. well, tomorow is my exam d!! proberly after that i got more time d.. i m FREE!!! haha.. not sure what i m going to do and things in future.

for now i m looking forward to enjoy my life and score well in my silver.. argh! hope not to disapointed my friends.. anyway thanks to those who support me cos i almost pull out.. cant handle and manage well.. but guess what! i have scarifie so much and come so far then i shud giv the best shot tomorrow! this time i m fill with confident yet SCARED!!! ARFGHHHHH!!! lol.. ok, handphone ringging time to go work.. *sign i m always late for work..haha.. will update soon with more photos.. lov ya..

lov u BLOGGIE!!! muackkksss...
*all the best for bronze,silver and gold..

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