Friday, October 2, 2009

pAdAnG kOTa LaMa

damn! how i end up going to padang kota lama?? was suppose to get injection over there but heard was close since travel so far so jalan jalan here and there to find FOOD! working around 7.30pm so was around 5pm that time.. got plenty of time.. decided to go around and discover the place since nv really go there or go there often.. i end up going to the Fort Cornwallis.. DAMN! i been staying in penang for 18years and i never step in there or even know that PLACE! i always thought i know lots of things in penang now i realize i dont know lots of things bout PENANG! haha.. check out.. lazy talk d..


building.. idea..LOL!

Fort Cornwallis..

do u know him??? LOL! its francis light.. its at the entrance..

crystal... pan cool..

oik me?? ahaha

Random pictures around...

remind me why i cant smile??

like this ONE! tame horse..

i always thought this one is a ship from outside view after 18years.. found out i m SO WRONG bout it..haha
o.O goat?? haha

i think i m too excited to bomb..LOL! was in a rush..
argh! trap in the prison!

at the bridge..

i do still LOVE MY CAMERA! the wave is so strong til it splash at people who walk by..

i will continue doing my post tomorrow for my cousin's birthday.. now i m too tired.. jus bath.. i know is 4am now! haha.. well, was practicing dance since exam is near..i did very bad in class.. in fact i m the worst of all.. i feel so discourage and i cant enjoy.. i feel like giving up but yet i remind myself i m not the person that do things have way.. i got the passion n i believe i could move on.. might come out a bad result but yet i learn a lesson in my life time..

now.. i aint know anything bout me! argh! seriously..watever i do now feel so discourage and i cant keep on the track of being myself.. i use to be happy girl and make lots of jokes or maybe to get people's attention..haha.. now? i m so opposite..i m quite whenever i m among my friends and i stare people when i got a weird feeling bout them.. SHIT! its so wrong.. people sau after high school people change when new things coming in.. BAH.. forget bout it.. dont even wan mention anymore..

nowadays i hate people more than i lov people.. i cant simply like people now or get close to people.. so hard for me to get along.. well, people change.. then ur friends will either like u or hate u! so far i know i got one in my list that hate me and that person use to be my best friend.. opps.. look at the time now! got work!!!! morning shift then at night dance class.. finish class at 8pm.. i wanna go out! date me reader! hahah.. available after 8..LOL!!!!! nite nite..

P.S. pray for my teacher.. she got cancer.. T___T

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