Sunday, October 4, 2009

WeEkEndS wITh my GF XD

oh yeah! baby, u guilty?? hahaha.. well u r always my best gf! dont worry life goes on and i understand.. dont take it so hard then i say that.. u know me?? i understand u girl.. hehe..

behind the scene..

that's the most embarrassing pic i ever upload!!!

here it goes.... after my dance class.. went to gf house.. wanted to eat "yong tau fu" too bad was close.. went to kopitiam eat.. wrong place and wrong food.. turn out good..haha..had a great time..LOL!

thanks yung yung!! for the sweet..hehe.. LOVE IT LOTS! muackkss

huggies from my sweetie^^

was raining out there..

aint prepared.. dont know what m i doing..haha

start to go crazy..

XXXXX sorry sensor pictures are not available to post in blogspot XXXXXX

last crazy...haha

last decent pic of all..

woke up around 3pm jus now..haha.. my gf took 2hours or more jus to come my house.. LOL!! got no plans.. since i off day so she come and visit me.. then wanted to explore something like going for penang hill or kek lok si.. but end up talking in the room.. she insisting of seeing OLDIES pic of us..hahah!! was kinder embrassing.. all those old pic refresh our memory.. haha..

when we start 1st go for camp, our dance and all those celebration and outing just meant alto to us.. even thou i dont have much pic but its enough to let her refresh..haha.. telling stories and share how we feel those days.. aww..that's sweet.. if only 4 of our besties at here we would talk whole night.. miss gathering...T__T

we head to gurney for movie.. had sushi.. saw her brother..LOL! we laugh so loud til people look at us..yeah! as usual and i dont know why... DAMN! hmm.. walked around.. buy ais-cream treat her cake..haha.. telling her bout my work and stuff.. even tease the worker who serve us..LOL! til the people face went red.. dont ask what we did to him! hahahaha... movie was OK la.. hmm.. thats all..

my sweetheart^^

blur blur..

introducing her my fav cheese cake.. *she is flying* lolz

yeah.. see her?? tam chiak..

lolz... dont know what to say..

last pic of the day.. had a great time with my gf..hehe

hmm..thats all for now.. hope to keep things update la.. dint get to eat moon cake or take tanglung this year..T___T did i tell u i got my injection d? was pain.. need to go for some "ceramah" i think on this coming Thursday and the worst part i dont know where i throw the paper that the doctor gave me for my entry! damn! haha.. my room so damn damn MESSY and i throw my bags everywhere..LOL.. got meeting this coming Tuesday.. hopefully i dont get scold la.. manager and asst.manager will be there.. did i tell u i were late for 40min!!!!! on my 1st meeting?? DAMN!
dont wanna do the same thing.. bad impression..

people was wondering whats with my msn bout the countdown thing.. its bout my dance exam.. its on 22nd Oct... consider around 2weeks la.. and this year was very bad..this year we did not manage to cover all syllables..main reason is ME~!!! seriously sorry to my team mate cos i really dissapointed them.. i did so bad til each class my teacher need to brush up for me and we r way behind our track.. we thought our exam is nex month but dint know they change without letting us know earlier.. i dont even know why i did so bad and what happen to me.. from now i work harder than i ever did before for the sake of getting a better result..

i know i can do better than i see myself in the mirror.. its a challenge when i see the mirror.. sometimes is so scared and somethings i feel happy the way it is.. cos mirror reflect back the things we do and u can see it clear that u know how much u can do and improve.. i m trying my very best to do well eventhou i know i m weak in it..thanks to my team mate a lot.. i will be back in the track.. I PROMISE~!!! i know what i wan and i m not going to waste it after putting so much effort..

parents r invited to watch us dancing during exams.. LOL! damn! anyway i gtg now.. o great! why do i always blog around 4am?? oh well, its EARLY..bed time NOW! going for jogging in 2 n half hour time.. I THINK!.. haha.. join me?? jus call me..hehe lov ya readers!!! muackkksss


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