Wednesday, October 28, 2009

miSs u BLOg

i jus dont know why i miss my blog so much! haha.. maybe sometimes is the best place to write when i m sad, happy or jus ANYTHING! when i feel i wan to write..hehe.. hmm.. nothing much bout me this days.. this few weeks need to work most of my time cos 2 of colleagues take few days offday and its on weekends.. then again my supervisor will be transfer to another outlet... last of all now is end of the month which means lots of paper work and updates to be done..

i m kinder upset knowing my supervisor will be leaving us.. and nex month is his birthday! argh! T___T he is a very nice guy.. and maybe cause i dont get to bully him anymore..haha.. there r many stories btw both of us..LOLx.. i will tell u if u wan hear bout it..haha.. not gonna tell u over here.. this few days kinder sick.. headache, sneezing, coughing and jus not feeling so well.. *that include lov sick also..haha..

o yeah.. i m starting a new blog soon *hopefully.. was suppose to link to my blog on the 2nd thought better dont.. cause i m using the blog to sell things more of like doing business la.. haha.. as part time job or so call work from home.. recently been discussing with my teacher.. she got lots of story books so she would like to sell off and asked me if i can help her.. and yes i start to use my free time to help her out.. well, u know this few days i been complaining my offday getting bored and i use my offday to sleep but not to enjoy or go out with friends.. then just giv it a try on doing this kind of things.. i will start on selling 2nd hand books.. i might sell other things in future and its only available in m'sia..haha.. cos i m still lost using paypal.. i cant open 1 if not i will be using money like drinking WATER! AERGH! NOO!!!!... need to save money now.. hmm.. well hopefully i get the blog done by this week and start to advertise by next week..aha.. still need some advice.. if anyone happens to drop by pls to tell me more bout doing this kind of thing..pls n thank u^^

other than that nowadays i read books.. i dont know why.. but i jus read..haha.. comics, story books.... JUST READ..LOLx.. i use my break time(only 1h) go to 711 and sit there for an hour to finish up the whole comic book.. i m not suppose to do that cos i need to buy.. it was well wrap..LOLx.. wat u expect.. i already know all the workers in 711.. even one of the guy always bully me! when i m late for work i will go through 711(shortcut).. 711 backdoor is my shop's backdoor..haha.. save 2min!!!! LOLx.. remember 1 time i was rushing to work then the guy was about to go home then he lock the 711 front door dont wan let me go in.. i start to shout til the security look at us and laugh..stupid one! haha.. 1st day he work i already kacau him til he remember me! LOLx...

o yeah! i start to do some handcraft using recycle things.. seriously i m getting very weird..HAHAH i dont know why.. i reject most of the people who date me or going out with them.. i rather spend time on doing something silly.. *good thing my gf know i m a weird girl.. my next mission is to build a ship using newspaper and pencil..hahaha! maybe that's what i m interested in and i m talented in.. not sure i m going to do it anot but for now i got something to do..haha..

that's all for pic... well at least some update but nothing interesting..hais Thursday and Friday work from 12-12.. wan gila d.. cant wait til sat.. going for badminton at night and maybe movie after that.. hmm..mostly i m going alone..haha.. u dont have to pity me! i start to get addicted on doing things alone.. i still owe my gf going out with her..haha.. now i see i try to make my life busy and interesting.. msn and Fb gets bored now.. hoping to get new phone.. T__T kinder like 5300nokia..lolxxx.. yeah i know asking why i dont wan sony?? well, realize i jus LOVE the touchscreen and smsing..hahah.. i will keep things update la.. bye bloggie^^

lov u...
God bless..
nite nite^^

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