Wednesday, October 7, 2009

its so hurt

hi reader its me again.. i got nothing to post i mean like activities and stuff with pictures.. i just feel like writting something..maybe this is the only place i would write the most and treat my bloggie like my dairy if u dont mind**

as u see my title you already had a mindset there is something wrong or i m being hurt..i jus wan to ask myself what have i done to deserve such situation and such problems.. hmm.. i thought i got lots of things to talk or even write down.. now i realize i hurt so bad if i were to write down.. part of it i dont wish to tell anyone and i jus wan to be alone.. maybe when i m hurt, no one is by my side now.. i nv wan this happy go lucky girl of me doesnt exsist in me.. i m still happy and laugh all the way like i use to and i will always do that.. sometimes things r meant to be keep.. if happens people know, different impression from people towards me..

anyway thats all for now.. thanks for spending some time with me.. hey, i m fine now and i m always happy.k! trust me^^ i m having a very very bad headache now feel like being knock by something.. seriously hurt so bad now.. gtg bed early..tomorow got so called "ceramah" for my work.,..damn! haha.. nite nite..^^

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